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Do my nether regions look infected to you? I can't tell if it's herpes or just a rash.

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The only time I've noticed anything was with the train scene when you sit down with the Rosa Klebb looking lady. Her face would flash purple every once in a while. I thought it might be my card, but it plays everything else flawlessly, so it can't be.

Other than that, the game is running well past 60 fps for me on the highest settings. I also haven't noticed too much pop-in or anything that would be considered unplayable.

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T-Mobile. It fucking sucks. I'll be switching to Verizon soon.

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Anacortes, WA, USA

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I liked it a lot. The human drama was pretty shallow, but the monsters fighting was epic.

I also love people who complain about barely seeing Godzilla for most of the running time, and that it took itself too seriously. That's basically admitting that they've never seen the original, or most of the sequels.

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I have no idea where this series is going to end up (in the end), and that's part of why I love it.

A part of me was like 'it only took 3 episodes for don to be back in the office and everything going back to the way they were'. Part of that is true, but Dons place and dynamic at the office is completely flipped upside down now, and I think thats pretty great. His reaction to having to work copy under Peggies direction was fantastic, especially the stone look on his face.

Am I the only one who was wondering what happened to the window in Don's office when he threw the typewriter? I can only assume the glass fell and shredded some poor soul's face down on the street below.

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Everybody is being a tad harsh to Don this year. I mean, he made Sterling Cooper what it is, and they're treating him like dog shit.

It's Sterling Cooper and Partners, by the way. SCP.

Also, Don has Lane Pryce's old office now. Spooky.

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The last time someone became a Giant Bomb member, the community bitched about it for an entire year. Those were dark, dark times. I'm afraid that will happen again.

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It can be the easiest thing in a PC to replace or the biggest pain in the ass depending on if it's modular or not.

Yeah, I made the mistake of buying a non-modular PSU. I have a bunch of unused cables just stuffed underneath the hard drive now.

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Honestly, my advice would be to not even toy with the idea of trying to fix the PSU, and just buy a new one. You don't want to mess with the PSU, because if it fails, it could take your entire computer with it. Not to mention the fact that an overheating PSU could potentially burn your house down. Unlikely scenario, but better safe than sorry.

Cleaning your PC is a great idea, and if you choose to buy a new PSU, I recommend anything by Corsair.