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@anywhereilay: Yeah I have a 780ti and trying to run Black Flag is a joke. I mean, for a game that I got for free with my 780ti, you think they would have actually optimized it to run well with it.

And as for Watch Dogs, there has been a stuttering issue from day one that Ubisoft promised to fix and never did. Because hey, why waste time on PC when there are new consoles out with new people whose trust in us has not yet been eroded?

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You know, I have higher specs than these, and I'm still trying to get smooth gameplay out of AC IV and Watch Dogs. So you'll excuse me if I don't ever purchase another Ubisoft game on PC.

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$400. Took my friend's family out to Benihana.

Not worth it.

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@dedbeet said:

Just read Kathy Sierra's story and, you know what?, the guy that relentlessly harassed her is from my home state. No wonder I've always hated living here.

Sound logic.

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I don't know what "grilling out" means.

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@demoskinos: I'm okay with things having a "filmic look" when, you know, talking about actual films (because good God, LOTR looked cheap at 48fps).

But with games, I really, really prefer a full 60. Having a 780ti in my PC will do that to a person.

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Jim Sterling seemed to love it, so that's good enough for me.

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@jimbo said:

The campaign is a bit longer than usual? FUCK THIS GAME

Isn't that supposed to be a Good thing? :P

I think he was joking.

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I could never get into this game because the stupid fucking title always reminded me of this. Which, judging from the opinions of others, is probably a better made film than Heavy Rain is a game.