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Its easily the most boring game I've played on the PS4 thus far. I don't know how they managed to take a game where you turn into dust and neon lights so boring, but by God they did it. I probably got halfway through the game before realizing it was mind numbingly repetitive, and I haven't picked it up since.

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Mayo is gross.

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@mb said:

You are of course free to not use Steam...otherwise I'm not sure what the point of this topic is. Maybe you should go post this on the Steam Community forums and hope for some feedback.

The term 'Grammar Nazi' has become mainstream, so now I'm embarking on my mission to claim stake for 'Poor-Excuse Nazis', starting with "Don't like it? Don't eat." That is not a valid excuse; never was, never will be. As the market leading product for game purchases, it's kind of in their best interest to satisfy customers, not to sit around awaiting praise from fans, as your "don't eat" reply would imply. Someone in the thread said "feature-creep" and that's kind of what it is. Last-gen consoles experienced this too as time went on. The physical aspect of the console was never built to support all of the software additions. Likewise, Steam was built for a limited purpose, and was built using older tools (I assume). The point is, it doesn't feel like a modern app because it isn't. They keep releasing updates but a real change would require them to rebuild it from the ground up.

Well that's not fair. The "Don't like it? Don't eat it." excuse is perfectly valid, and completely different from the "don't like steam? don't use it" excuse. There are a ton of different things you can put in your mouth, and only a handful of PC gaming clients. Use a better analogy, dummy!

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Yeah, downloaded this huge, apparently 14 gb patch, and guess what? It didn't do jack shit. It actually seemed to make the stuttering worse on my PC. My PC that has16 gb of ram and a GTX 780ti. On medium settings...

I am so, so glad I got this game for free with my graphics card. Feel bad for anybody whose cash Ubisoft outright stole. I've never boycotted a company before, but Ubisoft will officially never see another dime of my money. It's just become increasingly clear with every new PC release that they simply don't give a shit.

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I can see MS totally improving the load times to get into achievements, since they've been updating practically everything about the system on a month basis. It's safe to assume now that the OS will only get better and better with more features and tweaks every month. Like @bigjeffrey above me says, next month will add snapping of achievements so you can follow them directly and actually have progress trackers. Really neat, I think.

It's still not near as bad as the PS3 XMB though. Man that takes ridiculously long to get into trophies. I actually haven't tried it yet on the PS4.

Oh my God, yes. Anybody who thinks either the One or PS4 are slow need to take another look at the XMB. One time it took a whole five minutes to open up my Trophies menu and get all the games to load.

Trophies sync in a couple seconds on the PS4.

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It's alright. Better than the PS4 UI, honestly.

I really don't understand why I can't organize my game library on either system. It's such an easy fix, yet nobody seems to care that their games are just sitting on there, completely un-alphabetized. Fix this shit, Microsoft and Sony! Even the Wii U lets me move my games around.

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I turn everything off when I go to bed.

I also have to physically unplug the Xbox One because even with it off I can still hear that damn fan.

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Definitely AC4 and Wolfenstein.

I would pass on Infamous, though. It's so boring and not anywhere near as good as people are making it out to be.

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Mario platformers. They're just so well made.

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Just think about it like this. Do you remember what it was like before you were born? Of course not. Death will be exactly the same.