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Download = 24 mbps

Upload = 12 mbps

I live near Seattle, and use Comcast Xfinity Internet.

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Yeah. It was 540 after tax and everything. Tax is like 9 percent over here.

Ah thanks! In Portugal the tax is already calculated in the displayed price for goods.

That's actually a really good idea. So of course it will never happen here in America.

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Have fun with it! But isn't the final price 499?

Tax. Which I assume would be around 8% where he lives.

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Ok , so my live code isn't reddening . It keeps saying something went wrong. I went online to their error thing and it says that it was a live signing in issue . Is live having problems right now. Did I get boned?

Are you sure it didn't actually just go through anyway? Because when I bought my Titanfall bundle with the free month of Live, I tried to redeem it and it told me something went wrong. But I looked in the Subscriptions section of Settings and it actually had gone through. I dunno, just a thought.

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Yeah, plus it's just kinda noisy, some of my discs take forever to load, and half the time I put a disc in there it makes a weird whirring sound.

I've switched my primary Blu-Ray device from the PS3 to the PS4 and now to my Xbox One. Say what you will about that console, but the Blu-Ray drive is nice and silent, and everything loads fast. Plus, unlike Sony, Microsoft actually put out a controller. I mean, it's shit, but at least it's something.

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@sooty: Everything you say is stupid. Just thought you should know.

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@jsnyder82: Let me get this straight. You're calling me an immature child, AND a conspiracy theorist because you felt inclined to tell someone they're wrong about something you haven't a clue about -- something that is fairly common knowledge. And now you're butthurt because someone called you out on it.

If that's mature behavior, I'd rather be an infantile tinfoil hat wearer.

Just because I don't happen to believe a conspiracy theory doesn't mean I don't have a clue about it. And it doesn't really seem like I'm the one who's "butthurt" here.

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@uberdubie said:

@jsnyder82: LOL... no. How about widely-known fact. Either you've been living under a rock, or just choose to be ignorant of all major current events. Either way, your loss.

okay...not sure how it's my loss. Or how not believing something that hasn't been proven to be true automatically makes me "ignorant of all major current events". But hey, thanks for calling me ignorant! You really seem like a grown-up, mature human being.

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In other words, the US government just bought Oculus VR for data collecting purposes.

Not sure if anyone else has made this point in the sea of comments, but this is really what this deal amounts to. And yes, considering what the Oculus is capable of, you should be horrified.

I'm not thrilled about Facebook buying Oculus, but come on. That's just conspiracy theory horseshit.

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@omega: Ahhh, smegma. Or as Stephen Fry likes to put it, "cock cheese".