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This is mentioned by Drew in the comments for the first e3 video ;)

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@elwoodan said:

it looks like he deleted it but Alex tweeted something earlier in the vein of "I hope Dan's new employer lets him do the wrestling podcast still".

seems a little on the nose to me. :p

Slow, and wrong! It was Jeff.

I equally want it to be Dan as much as I don't want it to be a couple of the names mentioned in here so far.

Also, the representation conversation amuses me. Yes, all 'types' of people should be represented but to get all pissy about it when it doesn't happen seems a tad childish.

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Came here in the hope that others had put 2 and 2 together, and came up with 4.

He's really into wrestling so that would be awesome too.

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Internet is non-existent in Cuba? Really?

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@siked said:

Bam! Got one, $20 for shipping to UK though, ouch!

Yep. Always nasty when shipping is TWICE the cost of the item, but that's on us for living where we do!

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@rourkey said:

@jstaunton: UK time is 8 Hours ahead of Pacific time. Should be 10am on Thursday so you might still be OK Duder!

Gotcha! Assumed PST meant Eastern so just assumed the worst. Thanks!

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Ironically, 9pm (UK time) would be perfect for me on any day except for Wednesday night [sadface].

Here's hoping there'll be some copies left over!

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All The Boys Love Mandy Lane?

Terrible film, though I can't tell if that's an ironic inclusion or not.

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@datajack said:

Dunno seems pretty straight forward.

Go to item page you want, hit add to cart.

Thrown to cart page to verify items, hit checkout.

Sent to shipping/billing page, hit continue.

Finalize on payment page, input method/fancy codes.

There is about a half dozen variations on the shopping theme various checkout sites use. Pretty stark bare so you dont have to go hunting for small print anywhere.


On the billing page, where it says 'submit', it really is not clear as to what it means by that. On a lot of sites, the submit would submit the payment. Badly worded IMO.