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Release date for Tearaway, you have been found guilty of existing, sentence is execution.

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This is awesome

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sweet boombox

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Ok, so I just played GTA IV for about half an hour and then went back to GTA V. Wow, 5 looks and runs a lot better compared to 4. I haven't played an open world game on console in so long that I guess I just was expecting too much.

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I really want an Undead Nightmare esque DLC. Not just something weird but something with a Halloween or horror theme. Though that probably won't happen.

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I can see where you're coming from, but I think the way they off'd Johnny was great. I really like when major characters just die a sudden uncalled for death.

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Playing off the disc helped a little and maybe I am just looking for frame rate drops. Either way I just wish it ran better.

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@bigjeffrey: I installed the install disc to the hard drive and the play disc to a USB stick.

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While roaming the open world and especially while driving I'm experiencing frame rate drops. Nothing unplayable but, it is annoyingly noticeable. Like when I turn the camera 360 degrees around my character the background doesn't move fluidly. I've tried messing with my tv's settings and cleaning some dust out of the Xbox but I've had no luck yet. Anyone else experiencing this? Also, my Xbox is hooked up with the HD component cables, would getting an Hdmi adapter help?