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Side question: I never got my code. Is it for Annual GB subscribers only or something? I was under the impression it was for any subscribers who had been a subscriber before the transition.

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So many selfish ignorant comments. Be happy for them, jesus christ. This is awesome news and I want to congratulate everyone at the Giant Bomb team. You deserve this.

Can't wait to see what's next and collaborations with the GS team.

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This is all so dumb. Blizzard needs to make up their mind about what they're suing Valve for. If it's just for the name "DOTA," they're retarded. If Valve was calling it Defense of the Ancients 2, then maybe Blizzard would have *more* of a case -- but it would still be thin, given that I don't think EULA gives you the right to a NAME. This all seems like they're grasping at straws to keep the "DOTA" phrase on their side, so they can make a bigger impact with "Blizzard DOTA."

Sorry Blizzard, I hope you lose and you are the ones who can't call your SC2 addon "Blizzard DOTA."

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Whenever my wired 360 pad dies I'll probably pick up the Razer gamepad...probably soonish since my sticks are feeling really loose lately.

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@valrog said:
When games like Cars 2 outsell games like Alice: Madness Returns...  Does anyone have any statistics for May? I'm interested in the numbers of The Witcher 2 (As far as I know, it has sold 400k copies the first week, so...).
That was the first thing I thought. So sad that these statistics are usually what drive future development funding. Need more Alice / Spicy Horse games!
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I don't get the AT&T hate, must just be a West coast thing. I get perfect service where I live in Florida. 
And the Drew-zoom at the end was hilarious.

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Treyarch - congrats and good job! Activision - i hate you.

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This thread rocks. Giant bomb rocks. The BLLSL rocked.

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Fun little quest. Hope I get it!

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Left 4 Dead is at least a wink/nod to it being a 4-Player CO-OP focused experience. A proper play on words, if you will.
F3AR is just lame ass l33t sp34k.

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