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Django Unchained 10/10

Easily one of my top 3 Tarantino films, amazingly shot and has some of his best dialog and characters he's ever thought up. Would highly recommend.

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Glad to see Onimusha has been mentioned, I always thought they were going in some interesting directions with the 4th one too, love the combat system, mastering the critical system makes you feel like such a badass.

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Ninja Gaiden Black HD with a create-a-mission tool comes to mind.

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That teaser was brilliant, and I could see a Ratchet and Clank movie totally working. I'm in for the first one at least.

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GoW Chains of Olympus, DMC3 and Resident Evil Zero are my first thoughts. Picking a single one would be really tough.

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I liked that Michonne actually showed she's a human being for once in this episode, overall I really enjoyed it except for how they handled the guy on the road. How the fuck could they just leave him like that? (yea I know, zombies make people bad blah, blah, blah) but seriously that was just messed up.

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@mmzone: If I copy the game saves first then can I just move that data into the appropriate folder on my new PC and have it work as they did before?

And just a general question, what's the worse case scenario if I boot up my new PC with my old HD in it? I will be backing up everything anyway, just curious what would happen.

Thanks for all the responses everyone.

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@devildoll: So will I need to install windows 7 on the new machines hard drive? After that can I just move over all my installed games and have them run as they do on my current PC. And does the same apply to games I have through Steam and Origin?


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Ordered my new PC this week and just had a couple of questions regarding the hard drive set ups going from my old PC to my new one.

My old PC has just the one hard drive, is it possible to put that in the new machine and just transfer everything to the new hard drive on the machine?

If the above is not possible and a new install of windows 7 is necessary, will I still be able to use my old hard drive (which has W7 on) on my new PC so I can still get the data off it or will I have to reinstall everything like games etc? This is my main worry as I don't want to loose my game data.

I realise this is probably an obvious question, but there's a ton of game data that I want to make sure I keep going from my old PC to my new one and I don't want to risk loosing all of it.

Thanks in advance for any info.