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Apparently, the team working on this is a senior team that has focused solely on this project since ACII. The other two games were done by other teams. That is really encouraging. ALSO FUCK YEAH TOMAHAWKS.

I really hope this is true, because I need more than just AC2 with multiplayer to care at this point. Really hope they revitalise the series with this.

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I'm surprised this wasn't posted sooner.

Can't say that this will affect me, while it's obviously bad news for the guys that will lose their jobs which is the last thing the UK needs right now. But I found going there a pretty horrible experience, the usual "do you want to buy an extra £30 of crap in addition to what you're already buying?" spiel, but hey, retail will always be retail I guess.

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What the fuck did I just watch.... no, I mean, they just, no, that can't be... NO!

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Well at least you went out on a high with Dead Space 2, unless of course you didn't like that game.

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@Icemael said:

Shinji Mikami. Hideki Kamiya is a close second.

Dude stole my answer, before I posted it, I say Tomonobu Itagaki too, I really want to see some real time stuff for Devils Third.

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Devil May Cry 2, maybe it's just people who didn't really appreciate the first game, but DMC2 should have been fucking mindblowingly-console-melting awesome, and it was just a shitty action game with one good idea in it.

Dino Crisis 3 is definitely one for me too, I got Resident Evil with frikin dinosaurs followed by an amazing arcade style shooter with even more dinosaurs, then I got... welll Dino Crisis 3.

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My setup isn't anything extravagant, my consoles are hooked up to a 37" HDTV and I my PC on a 22" (1920 x 1080) monitor and I'm very content, older games do look a little weird on such a big TV, but went through university with a tiny 15" TV to play all my games on, so I guess my answer is yes...?

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Off the top of my head I'll go with Ninja Gaiden 2 and Vanquish.

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@SteamPunkJin: That's what I'm thinking, there are still some great maps they could bring back, and they seem to have no problem padding dlc with older maps. I still really want to see something done with beast mode, or spice up horde somehow.

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