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Ordered my new PC this week and just had a couple of questions regarding the hard drive set ups going from my old PC to my new one.

My old PC has just the one hard drive, is it possible to put that in the new machine and just transfer everything to the new hard drive on the machine?

If the above is not possible and a new install of windows 7 is necessary, will I still be able to use my old hard drive (which has W7 on) on my new PC so I can still get the data off it or will I have to reinstall everything like games etc? This is my main worry as I don't want to loose my game data.

I realise this is probably an obvious question, but there's a ton of game data that I want to make sure I keep going from my old PC to my new one and I don't want to risk loosing all of it.

Thanks in advance for any info.

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Still on a GTX260 at the mo, can't wait to get my new PC though. Only a little over a week now :)

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I view a lot less topics that's for sure, which isn't necessarily a bad thing I guess.

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Nope, I'm good.

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Almost half way through my 4th run and yeah, it's starting to get a little annoying but they don't last long enough to become a significant problem. I just wish there was more combat in general, I'm itching for bloody palace to come out.

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Almost half way through DMD mode and I am falling more in love with this game the more I play it, combat system and enemy design are really quite amazing. I really like how there's multiple ways of safely dealing with even the most dangerous enemies, dream runners will now forever be free.

Does anyone know if bloody palace is coming to the PC version by the way? I cannot wait for that.

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@Sticky_Pennies: Apart from that are there any other difference between the Gigabyte and EVGA brand? The gigabyte one is only £20 more and if that's the superior card then I'll go with that one.

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I miss it a great deal, was an integral part of raising the style meter too. More than anything I just liked how stupid they were, like Nero's air guitar from 4 where a guitar is actually playing is freaking awesome.

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@Blimble: I agree the games are easy to compare, but I have put thousands of hours into previous Devil May Cry games so what might seem like slight differences for some are huge for me, I play this game very differently to how I play previous DMC's. Granted that's not going to be a common perspective, but I think people are way to quick in saying "hey (thing x) isn't exactly like the old games" instead of looking at that particular thing and breaking it down to see how it works.

Above all DmC is just a great action game, which is something there's not a ton of about these days.

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If you're looking for another Devil May Cry game, look elsewhere, if you're looking for a great action game, look no further. I am a huge DMC fan, but this game is doing its own thing, and it's doing it pretty damn well.