Look With Interest, My Deadly Premonition themed Warioware game

Between the ER and my own playthrough of DP, I was inspired to make myself a Warioware D.I.Y. game. It took me about an hour with the art and everything. I'd like to get some feedback on things I could tweak to make all nice and stuff. I will put it up on the Wii and the DS game after those changes. We'll need to trade codes for you all to get it. Anyway, here it is.


New DSi owner, DSiware suggestions.

While this originally was going to just be a blog for a quest I decided to ask you fine people out there something. I just got a DSi the other day. It was used, so I got some stuff on it like Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Dark Void Zero, and some other crap. I was just wondering what you all think is worth buying. Maybe this is better in the forums, but whatevs.