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@mb: I put in a new PSU. I got a 1000w EVGA 80+ Gold (I know that's way more than I need but I figured that since I'm buying a new one anyway I might as well go big for any future upgrades I want to do) and it seems to have done the trick. Before Trackmania would lock up on me after about 10 minutes but now I have no issues! It was the bad PSU causing the problem.

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I tried to reinstall the video drivers and flash the GPU BIOS and still nothing. My PSU is 850w so I don't think it's unable to keep up with it. Maybe it's going bad but I'm not sure.

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I did consider it being an overheating issue but I don't think that's it because the symptoms don't really match up. I did end up downloading a monitor for the GPU and the temp ranges seemed normal. Haven't had a chance to do the CPU yet but that'll be next.

A buddy of mine suggested it might have something to do with the page files on the SSD Windows is installed on. I disabled those and for a while it seemed that was the solution. I logged several hours over the weekend and it didn't happen once. But then I started it up tonight after work and it happened twice in around 2 hours.

It only seems to really go bad when I'm playing a game that's taxing on my system. I played several games over the weekend that aren't as bad (I Am Bread, Ori and the Blind Forest, Not a Hero, You Must Build a Boat) and it never locked up at all.

So next thing's I'll check on are the CPU temp and the 240gb SSD. I don't think it's that SSD, though, since it's totally out of the loop on Batman. It's installed on the HDD and saves to the 60gb SSD. But anything is possible I guess. More suggestions are always welcome.

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"This save data was created using a newer version of the game. Please install all relevant updates to continue using this save data."

Anybody else getting this after the update on Steam? Can't load my save.

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I took Batman off the SDD, put it on the HDD and it's still happening. Two times in around thirty minutes. I ran the SMART tests on all my drives and they all seem good. Any other ideas on what it might be? One thing I've noticed is that when it happens the fan kicks on at full blast.

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(Moderator Edit: Problem resolved, it was the PSU.)

My set up...

Windows 7 64bit

AMD 8350 8 core processor

GTX770 2gb

Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 Motherboard

16gb 1600mhz ram

Kingston 240gb SSD

Kingston 60gb SSD (windows is installed here)

Western Digitial 3tb HDD

I built this system about a year and a half ago. After a while I was getting a problem where the HD access light would stay solid and the entire system would slow down after playing games for awhile and sometimes lock up. But after being on for awhile, the hard drive light would just stay on and the computer would become really slow, and there didn't really seem to be and rhyme or reason to it. Sometimes it would go days without happening sometimes it would happen several times in a day. Eventually it got so bad that it wouldn't even boot up. It would just lock up immediately on hitting the power. A few months ago I just decided to burn it all to the ground and start from scratch. New install of windows (on the new 60gb SSD I got. It was on the 240 previously) and format all my drives.

It was totally fine until about a week ago when I was playing Witcher 3 (and now Batman) and it started happening again. Before it would happen even when the system was idling, but now it only seems to do it when I'm playing a game. Both are installed on the 240gb SSD, so I'm thinking there may be an issue with that drive. It only really seems to happen when saving.

I've checked all the connections, changed the SATA cables and that didn't do anything. Are there any kind of diagnostics I can run to help narrow it down?

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I'd be shocked if this wasn't announced for this year. We've known it extsts, albeit with a wink and a nod, for what seems like years now. Why would they announce it now if it wasn't at least targeted for 2015? I'm betting before thanksgiving.

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I built this PC at the beginning of the year and I didn't want to pony up the cash for an SSD right away. Amazon recently had some good deals so I picked up a 240gb SSD and I want to put Windows on it. Right now I have a 3tb HDD that I have partitioned. The C: partition is 100gb and has Windows installed and pretty much nothing else. The rest of the 3tb drive is E: and is where I have everything else installed. What I'd like to do is make the SSD with Windows installed the C: drive, and just get rid of that partition all together and add it to the already existing E: drive. Any good tutorials out there that could walk me through that?