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#1 Posted by Juda (45 posts) -

I can't wait for Klepicks BEST OF HORROR GAMES after everyone has shit on him for this article.

I don't write, I let others write for me.

#2 Edited by Juda (45 posts) -

You have the perfect opportunity to talk about 31 games that are unnerving or scary. Yet you didn't. You took the opportunity to talk about yourself. WTF dude?

Patrick: HMMMM.... I write for a very popular video game site.What should I write about?"

Dumb Brain: "Movies Obvs."

Patrick: Of Course!

#3 Edited by Juda (45 posts) -

This article (?) is kinda messed up. This is a video game site, yes? Please don't toss in the mention of Condemned to try and excuse it for being on the front page. Hey, it's cool you and your wife do a whole October scary movie thing. Might I suggest http://www.giantbomb.com/community/ to write about it? Maybe a Tumblr? Or a Blogger? Live Journal? Somewhere where you can post about your exciting home life activities.

Come on.

#4 Posted by Juda (45 posts) -

btw if you dislike the french so much, feel free to knock down the greatest sign of american-ism there is, since the french gave it to you. Yea, the statue of liberty.

#5 Edited by Juda (45 posts) -

@walkerd said:

@tourgen: I haven't seen anyone angry. Just a lot of people who think this is some right stupid shit.

I just think a lot of people don't find it nearly hilarious as GB does. Also might have irked people that it took about 10 hours after Ryan's initial announcement hype to say it wasn't related to GB.

#6 Posted by Juda (45 posts) -

Is it me or does it seem a little slow around these parts for reviews? Out of the 40 games listed on the "new games page" that have been released this month and aren't phone or re-release games, there have only been 4 reviews. 2 by Brad, 1 by Alex, and 1 by Jeff. Does Ryan not review games anymore? Don't think he has written one at all this year. Sorry, if that's been covered. Understandably, many of those games released are not worth covering in any great detail, but God of War, Bit Trip runner 2, MLB The Show, CastleVania? Just thought that for such a busy month, there would be more reviews.

#7 Posted by Juda (45 posts) -

Is it a top-loader? In other images, I can't see a disc slot and the eject button looks like it pops open the black surface. Sorry of this was already covered.

#8 Posted by Juda (45 posts) -

@DrWhat said:

"UPDATE: This article originally noted the Canadian launch as November 30, which is the European launch. My bad! Carry on."

So Europe is actually getting this first? What? Words? Wii? Help?

News you can use... to confuse...

Your words, use them. "This article originally noted the Canadian [Wii U] launch as November 30th, which is the European launch." Also why put "FOR NOW" if you don't actually know. Seems a little odd. Anyways...Wiini. lol.

#9 Posted by Juda (45 posts) -

Not a mis-leading article headline whatsoever.

Nope. Not at all.

#10 Posted by Juda (45 posts) -

@Demoskinos: Well sonuva.

Thanks! I never even noticed the token on the back of the manual.

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