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@devilzrule27: It does seem that the Xbox got lost in the shuffle but it did have the definitive edition of Silent Hill and Onimusha. Also, Ninja Gaiden, Half Life, Deus Ex and Thief. It brought the WRPG to consoles and made online gaming a staple with Halo, Mechwarrior and Rainbow Six. The Splinter Cell games and Crimson Skies were great games too.

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@xaLieNxGrEyx: No worries! You should check it out. But everything is subjective, I always preferred my Xbox to my PS2. I just fell in love with the controller. But I did enjoy both. If you have a 360 download Jade Empire, it is 15 bucks and it is amazing if you like Bioware stuff.

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@Wicked Father. I will check that out. I might get a PS2 again but probably won't. I love my 360 but this is a nice change of pace though I am replaying ME1 (2-3 too) and playing InFamous 2. I am not good at multitasking games but I am trying.

As for Blinx, for my kids, I might. I got them Sonic Heroes as they love Sonic.

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@xaLieNxGrEyx: I disagree. I am not going to start a console war but Knights of the Old Republic was great, Jade Empire, Fable, Jedi Outcast and Academy, Morrowind, and Demon Stone, Advent Rising, Panzer Dragoon, Otogi, Shenmue, Sudeki, Frza and so many more. Look up its games, and you will be surprised how many great games there are.

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I have heard Bad Fur Day is pretty good. But is pretty spendy like the Baldur's Gate games and Battlefront II. But eventually I might bite and purchase them. If you have the means: I got one and about 15 games for about 100 bucks total.

As for the 360 I have never played Online! I used to love couch co-op with Twisted Metal and nWo/WCW Revenge. I did find WWE RAW 2 for my Xbox with Goldberg and Scott Steiner in it, so I am stoked.

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My kids needed a DVD player, so I went to a thrift store and there was an original Xbox with everything for 28.99. I could not pass it up. I still have some games (mostly backwards compatible). I have been playing some Jade Empire and it is just plain awesome. I went through my catalog of games, and then purchased a few online as well as some component cables, and I must say that I forgot what great games the Xbox has. It is too bad that it only lasted four years. Sega and MS made some sweet games. I ordered Otogi, Panzer Dragoon, Battlefront, and some others I have wanted to try for some time like Demon Stone, Dungeons and Dragons, (Bethesda's) Pirates of the Caribbean and others. I found my Knights games and Advent Rising and Doom 3, and I have not played the latter two. Kind of excited, like a kid in a candy store.

The system is also a lot quieter than my 360 too. It had its drawbacks but I have been spending far more time with it than my 360/PS3 as of late.

I just thought I would share my excitement, and the fact that the Xbox has kind of gone down in history as underrated. I still remember playing a demo of Halo back in 01 and being blown away. I got an advance on my student loan and went into Game Crazy to purchase one a week after its debut. Halo changed how I felt about FPS's and Knights about RPG's. Overall it is a great system and I am glad that I have been re-introduced six years later.