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Awesome news. I hope my rig can handle Mafia 2 though! I'm assuming it's going to have hardware accelerated Physx so I'm going to have to steal the GT240 from my parents PC for some dedicated particle fun.

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The PC Steam version best not be 29GB like the first game....    (yes that is not a typo)

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Wait, am I understanding this correctly? You can either have sluggish controls, or hyper sensitive ones? There Isn't a middle ground? Doesn't every FPS in existence have some sort of x/y sensitivity option on a scale of 1-10. What's wrong with just using that?

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It's only coming out for PC, not 360. So Microsoft has no say in it's pricing.

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Firefox does that too, so I don't know why that person said wrong link. Thanks though, I can't wait for this game.

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I use Tune Up Utilities 2008

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call of duty 4 on steam is $82.24 inc. VAT, which is £51.14
I can buy call of duty 4 from play.com with free postage for £32.99 ($53.04)

It doesn't stop there though. Bioshock on steam is $64.61 inc. VAT, which is £40.17
I can buy bioshock brand new from play.com with again free postage for £9.99, yes TEN POUNDS! or $6.21

Steam is great I love it and i agree the service is great, but their prices are questionable for us British or Europeans. Also steam games rarely go down in price yet their retail counterparts go down all the time as they get older.

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Flash memory based hard drives is already a reality. They're called solid state drives or SSD's for short and they cost a bomb!
And in answer to you're x64 thing. I know this was said about vista but we'll have to take Microsoft's word on it for now, but they have said that windows 7 will use up less resources than vista. Apparently they have made lots of optimisations and even went as far as saying windows 7 will run on netbooks with 1ghz cpu's and 1gb of ram.

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dantey said:
"If a processor is dual core and it is 2 GHz (like in your case), then each of those cores are 1 GHz. A dual core is just better, because each of those cores can handle different stuff simultaneously. This is especially good for games."
That's completely wrong. Each core runs at the stated speed. TheBeast is correct.
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If you were building a non-gaming budget pc then amd is the way to go. But you are building a gaming pc so you would benefit from Intel who have far better processors.

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