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AI needs better middleware and probably a different chipset to advance beyond simple scripting. We need to see a revolution similiar to the emergence of separate GPUS for graphics if we ever will see proper AI in games.

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For european nextgeners you might save up to 20 euro depending on where you live. Both are 42 gbp each. Eligble for free delivery option (3-10 days).

Fifa 14

Battlefield 4

Dualshock charger and vertical stand (PS4) is also available for preorder

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Fuck this, I'm out. (Your vote)

I wont even watch the conference now. Its just a waste of time since I will never buy the Xbox Uno with their sheer hatred for consumers

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Current gen.

There has never been a better time to be a gamer.

Offline, Online, superimmersive games, casual, hardcore etc. We have it all, and it is available everywhere.

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Far Cry 3 Deluxe edition single is also not available. Maybe they ran out of keys

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far cry 3 has now been removed from the collection and the product is unavailable


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@deadeyes said:

There isnt a way to add it to uplay with just the code if thats what you mean?

1.2 mb/s would be much better than this crap heh


I have not installed UBIsofts client and do not know if that is better on maintaining the game and for multiplayer