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I finished the main pencil drawing and I'm starting the lineart process in Photoshop, next photo will be lineart

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@clonedzero: vinny's armor im drawing is a slight variation of the armor he had on when he fought the five four kings. just something very bulky and heavy, since for awhile he played a very tanky power within iron flesh playstyle, esp during the darkness and the skeletons

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Brad and Vinny single-handedly got me into Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. Now im playing catch-up til Dark Souls 2 comes out, and inbetween play sessions I started drawing some fanart. Watch the slow process of me drawing the pencil version, then uploading to Photoshop, creating lineart, and finally adding color. Enjoy!!!

Update 1

Update 2

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i just found this today...........i dont even.........


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@sammo21: if uve ever tried to set up project m on your first try, you'd know you might run into some problems lol.

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With the newest version of the Brawl mod having come out yesterday, Super Smash Bros. Wii U coming out next year, and no new games coming out the rest of this year, this seems like a prime canidate for some Unprofessional Fridays action.

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this.....this is so hard to comprehend. its deeply saddening, and also horrifying that someone so great, so life-impacting, so caring, and so awesome could be taken away from us just like that. truely it wasn't your time Ryan, and yet now you're gone. condolences to all of his family and everyone at Giant Bomb. RIP Ryan Davis. there isnt a number or adjective that can quantify or describe how much you will be missed by us all

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awesome, now all the dlc i bought wont go to waste since i dont have anyore plastic instruments

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@Grimmy616 said:

Hold on. Unlockable costumes that are NOT Paid DLC? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS GEARBOX I LOVE YOU

iknorite? blasphemy!!!

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