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Free Stuff Helps but Still Not The Game Fans Are Looking For! 0

*Updated to reflect changesWhen you play the Sims 4 you can see the quality in the way characters move and behave. The game can be fun at times, but ends up being frustrating more often. Simple things you took for granted in previous versions are just not here! The savvy gamer is left disappointed and used by the EA profit model of "release less and less content with every sequel and micro-transaction it". The free items released are cool but not enough to warrant any excitement at all. The Sims...

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Why do people hate this game? 0

Dead Rising 2 is amazing... I hated Dead Rising 1... I would also like to point out that it seems like Jeff and many of the other users posted a poor review of this game WITHOUT ACTUALLY PLAYING IT! I've heard one complaint that I agree with... Survivors shoot each other and you... This is true. Other then that... People complain about the graphics... Why? People complain about clunky combat... The combat works fine for me... Maybe you suck at games...  Jeff complained about voice-overs saying t...

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It's Tomb Raider 0

I know everybody loves this game.... I know it's been out for a year... almost 2. But, after playing again recently... I still don't understand why anyone liked it. After playing Assassin's Creed 2, there was just no room in my heart for linear climbing puzzles. I spent almost an hour trying to climb vines in a segment, just to find that not all vines could be climbed... Just some of them. I needed to simple walk to the other side of the room where there are climbable vines. Climbable, unclimbab...

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Great game, tiny issues. 0

Split?Second is a very original racer indead. Pros: The cars look good and handle well for the most part and come in a variety of "flavors". At first I thought that the power plays were a gimmick. Soon after playing I found the power plays worked well and were infact not gimmicky. The explosive and fiery power plays, shortcuts, and route changers are awesome! The different game modes like Air Revenge (where the player evades missles and gains points which ultimately can be used to fires missles ...

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I Like it, love it, or somewhere inbetween. 0

I like Soul Caliber 4. Not all of the charectors have giant tits... My favorite charector, Talim, has maybe an A cup. I agree that Yoda and Vadar are lame... I don't use them, problem solved. Everyone says... "It's not as good as the first one"... When was the last time you played it? Soul Edge has problems that are just not acceptable by today's video game standards (AI gone stupid, for example). Plus, effects have gotten way better over the years... Visually, Soul Edge... is boring now. We all...

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