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Man oh man I miss the Giant Bomb Super Series. That was probably the best time i have ever had with a racing game, possibly any video game. I really need to fit race night back into my schedule!

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@Trace: Laz ol' buddy, missed ya. Whens race night going to be for Horizon 2?

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Yay a new Forza game!

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@cbyrne: The break dancing Mini is amazing.

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@pseg: Wow that sucks I really hope MS changes the way that works....

P.S. I still need a xbone..........

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@falconer: Yeah pretty much knew what the LE would be. I'm still on the fence though. If the XBone doesn't support my Fanatec wheel i might got get the system or game....

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  1. the Mercedes that Lewis is driving has good qualifying pace but has struggled with race pace so far this year. So although he started in P1 he may not be able to keep it.
  2. Formula One has "Knock-out" Qualifying, it is split into three periods (or rounds). In each period, drivers run qualifying laps to attempt to advance to the next period, running as many laps as they wish, with the slowest drivers being "knocked out" at the end of the period and their grid positions set, based on their best lap times. Cars are eliminated in this manner until 10 cars remain eligible to attempt to qualify for pole position in the third and final period. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Formula_One#Qualifying

    So what Webber did was make it to the Q3 session but then didnt post a time. So as a result he was slotted in 10th.
  3. There are a TON of rules and regulations around how the car can be built and setup. Money does matter but skill by both the driver and designers of the car matter just as much. The Red Bull cars may look nearly identical to all the others in the field but in many small ways they are different and that is all it takes to pull away from the rest of the pack. Red Bull is still pretty new to Formula One but they are well funded.
  4. You can make one defensive maneuver.
  5. you can use DRS if you are within one second of a car in front of you. It is determined by sensors on the car and track. DRS is only active in the DRS zone and as soon as the driver hits the brakes it is automatically disengaged.
  6. There is a regulation that requires teams to use two different types of tires during a race. It was created to mix things up and force people to come into the pits.
  7. No clue, I highly doubt its available to the public.
  8. They are only penalized for this if it gives them an advantage on track. If they pass someone by going off the track they must give the position back or face being penalized. Typically though they are only allowed to put two wheels off track.
  9. Fail 22 is Red Bull talk for something that they don't want to share with the other teams since they can all hear the transmission as well.
  10. 1st through 10th score points each race as follows:

    1st : 25 points
    2nd : 18 points
    3rd : 15 points
    4th : 12 points
    5th : 10 points
    6th : 8 points
    7th : 6 points
    8th : 4 points
    9th : 2 points
    10th : 1 point

I could go into a lot more detail on some of the answers but I tried to keep them brief. I hope that helps and I hope you keep with it. Formula One is where it's at.