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I really want to do a BTCC series as well. We need to make that happen.

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@shirogamer Please by all means. Start one in EU! This stuff is all community driven so the more the merrier. I would love to see more GBRNs pop up around the globe.

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Show how lucky you are (or unlucky) by posting how much cash or what car you got on your very first Forza 6 Spin!

I "lucked" out and got the Veyron. Great on the straights and in the sheets just don't ask it to take to many corners!


We are Race Night!

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Woohoo! Count me in!

Please have good MP lobbies Forza 6!!!

P.S. Missed you Poopkins.

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Man oh man I miss the Giant Bomb Super Series. That was probably the best time i have ever had with a racing game, possibly any video game. I really need to fit race night back into my schedule!

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@Trace: Laz ol' buddy, missed ya. Whens race night going to be for Horizon 2?

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Yay a new Forza game!

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@cbyrne: The break dancing Mini is amazing.

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@pseg: Wow that sucks I really hope MS changes the way that works....

P.S. I still need a xbone..........