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@rorie: I'm in Seattle I'd love to go.

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I got a field-tested Flip Knife Safari Mesh for Counter Strike: Global Offensive...

I'm asking for a variety of things...

Straight Cash (Pretty sure it's one of the cheaper knives on the marketplace)

Gone Home/Shadowrun/Sir, You Are Being Hunted/Shelter/Hammerwatch (To Be Negotiated)

A lot of keys and weapon crates for CS:GO (Again, To Be Negotiated)

Let me know what's up.

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I think the link to the XNA story is wrong. It sends me to the story you mentioned above it about Zynga. And the bulletpoint story about Zynga sends me to the Giant bomb database link of that person.

Just a heads up.

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This is kind of why I'm bummed to tell people I play games, for guys and situations like this.

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DVR'd it and just watched all the trailer.

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Yeah someone tweeted this, loving it.

Quick request: Can someone use the video of Jeff being creepy while playing Galgun during Happy Hour? Or at least peep me to that video segment?

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Got to get those glasses.

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@Jackel2072 said:
ok sony you get the PSN store up before LA Noire comes out and i will buy the PS3 Verison
I bought it on PS3, too.  By Tuesday hopefully it will be up and all good to go for my DLC.
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He going to be on the bombcast then?

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Check out the cast. Emilo of Mighty Ducks fame, Dorff who is going to be in that Sophia Coppola movie, OSCAR AWARD WINNER Cuba Gooding Jr., Dennis Leary, Piven, that guy from House of Pain, the bad guy from The Mask and the Latino guy from N.Y. Undercover.  This is the dream team of movies.
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