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I know I will, I love playing him. I usually do a bit better with the glimpses, our team was all pretty tired, was getting on for midnight here and we'd already played 1 Bo3 so that had something to do with it. Couldn't deal with those Dendi hooks in the second game

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@WhiteBrightKnight: Mate tell me about it. I glimpsed QoP out of ice path when she had 0 HP, I got some flak for that haha

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Man, nothing like watching your game get cast to realize how bad you are! Still great fun

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24 hours into Final Fantasy 7 and my data got corrupted. 10 years later and I still can't bring myself to go back and play it. Another one was I was trying to get the Platinum trophy for inFamous. Finished it twice already, was going through on the hardest difficulty. I was on the second to last mission and accidentally deleted my own save. Ended up playing through the whole game 4 times.

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For the record, Good Luck Have Batrider is about the best GB Dota team name I could have hoped for

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How do we sort out who we're playing? Do we just sort it out among ourselves or is there a schedule or something?

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Sign me up!

Steam ID: Jukebox Joe

Server: EU West

Skill: New-Average

Role: 2-5, probably better as support since I'm newer but can play a few 2 or 3 position heroes


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... my brain cannot begin to fathom how you'd do that. I'm terrible at fighting games. I don't even know how to pop them up to start the juggle.

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HuK will butcher Machine

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Idra is awesome. He's a great player and his rage just makes him stand out, as well as being hilarious. Makes things more interesting when someone is like that, if everyone was polite and passive it wouldn't be as entertaining. The 'sport' needs both