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I really liked the song Juke Box Hero when I was playing the flute, and I thought FluteBoxHero would be a great screen name. Then playing the flute was no longer important to me, but my name is and I'm no hero, so JukeBoxJosh originated.

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I wonder if this is going to happen again when (if?) the Mac version comes out.

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I have finally found the video that started this whole quest to find videos off-site! Who knew it would be as easy as searching for pancakes in the Giant Bomb search bar? And, while not off site, Welcome To The Aftermath and Let's Pull These Walls Down seem pretty essential to someone who likes seeing behind-the-scenes videos and to someone who joined after CBSi and has no real ties to or memories of pre-CBSi. Going down the behind-the-scenes route, the recent How to Make a TNT is incredible and I hope we get more videos like that.

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Jeff continues Operation Quick Look Everything at the new Tiny Implosion site.

I hope they trickle in new guys as they start thinking about leaving or just doing other things. Maybe when the New Bomb Crew do their BLLSL, they come back to say hi again, like when Joel came back in MST3K. They'll share pictures and stories of new projects and adventures, and tell the New Bomb Crew they're doing a good job and we'll see old friends again! It'll be great!

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@Khemitude: I have checked out the marathons. I did them as warm up to see if I could watch an Endurance Run, those were great.

@scalpel: Was there any story to that or did he just fall? I remember zoning out for just a second, hearing him fall, then kinda worrying for his safety.

@cthomer5000: Neat! I came into Giant Bomb a good while after Whiskey Media and I don't have any connection to that "era," but it's neat to see Happy Hours and just content with that whole group. Was Lemon Lens a big thing?

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@Video_Game_King: Those are incredible, thanks for sharing! Brad couldn't be any less excited to be talking about that. And Ryan sounds so strange...

@Khemitude: Bleach Blonde Ryan doesn't even look like Ryan! What is this?!

That's pretty much exactly what I'm looking for! Thank you!

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I'm just looking for off-site videos that aren't archived on the site, and if they can be downloaded that would be even better! Livestreams, videos of them on other sites, whatever. I'm just looking for more! I feel like there are lots of videos and just general supplemental materials referenced, and as someone who's relatively new to the site and it's history I just don't know where to get it or even search. I guess give me your Essential, Off-Site Giant Bomb. Or something.

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During part 1 of the Fortune Street TNT, Jeff says something to the effect of "I piss that out of his penis" in response to Vinny's offer. For some reason that's the only thing that they've said that I've latched onto.

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I'm already up to episode 21 in the Chrono Trigger Endurance Run, I don't know what I'll do afterwards. The weird faces on the demons in deadly premonition didn't sit well with me, even with silly commentary on top, so I probably won't continue that. Maybe watch the Fortune Street TNT again. Who knows? The Internet is my oyster!

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@Hizang trackmania 2 with Cards Against Humanity expansion 2 being played in the background. Then Star Trek Online.
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