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@vigorousjammer: Whoa, totally played this game! You just sent me on a massive nostalgia trip.

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I figured it out! Search for dicombat.asm around the internet (it's available on quite a few websites, such as right here: http://www.biglist.com/lists/stella/archives/200202/msg00039.html). Sometimes it's presented as a .bin, sometimes as a .asm. I had it as a .asm for whatever that's worth. If you have a .bin like the one at the link provided, I think you could just rename it to dicombat.asm if you want/need to. In this tutorial, I will assume that you named it dicombat.asm.

Next, look for this part of the code:

STA SelDbnce ; Reset Select Debounce Flag. This is

; what keeps incrementing the selection

; if you hold Select down for a long time.

INC GameTimer ; increment the Main Game ~1-sec Timer.

BNE ChkSel ; if GameTimer rolls over,

STA GameOn ; zero GameOn -- game over

Then put a comment (;) in front of all text on two lines: the one saying "BNE ChkSel" and the one saying "STA GameOn". This will comment out those two lines (they won't affect the program anymore). Doing this will make it so that the game never checks if the timer overflows, and the timer will just continually go around in circles forever.

You'll then need to include a vcs.h file in the same directory as the one containing your dicombat.asm file. I got one from following the instructions in a post on this page: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/59462-i-know-nothing-but-want-to-make-my-own-game-plz-help/.

Now you have all of your code ready to go. Next up is 'assembling' the code, which is the step where you take all of this code and take the parts that are in pseudo-english (like "GameOn" and INC, which are called "symbols" and "mnemonics" respectively) and turn them all into the 0's and 1's that the computer will actually use.

To do this, download the "DASM" assembler: http://sourceforge.net/projects/dasm-dillon/?source=dlp. DASM appears to be able to assemble a bunch of files to a bunch of different filetypes, but it's apparently what people use for the 2600 (running on the 6052 architecture) when they want to make NEW atari games, so it also works for old ones, I guess.

Now drag the DASM compiler for your operating system into the same folder as dicombat.asm and vcs.h are in, and type this into your command line (I'm using Windows 7, I would expect it to work on other OSs as well):

dasm dicombat.asm -f3

That will put a file called "a.out" in the folder that you've been working in. Go change it's name to combat_no_timer.bin or something (anything before the .bin is your choice, but it has to be a .bin file from what I've seen) and then put it in your ROM folder and open it with the Stella emulator (http://stella.sourceforge.net/). If it comes up as random garbage/white-noise, try changing the 'f3' in the command line to a 'f2' or a 'f1'... this will change the filetype. However, for me, it was f3 that worked.

Hope that helps anyone else who wants to do this (It can't only be me, right??). Anyway, peace out, and I <3 you GiantBomb :D!

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I'm trying to use an emulated copy of Combat with the Stella emulator for a project, but the time limit on the levels is ruining my project. Is there any cheat code that removes these time restrictions? Any romhack that does not have the time limits? Any full release on Game Room or any other service that doesn't have the time limits?

I'm down to do anything including editing hex codes to get rid of them. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

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@Marino said:

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Jeff and Rocco are the LEADERS and are also similar in appearance and in style of humor (don't say a lot, but when you do, it's the funniest thing ever)

Brad and Shawn are both GOOD-LOOKING AWKWARD DUDES and tend to get grossed out by the other people but have way more success with ladies.

Vinny and Garrett are both well-adjusted dudes who say WHATEVER THE FUCK THEY WANT and they seem experienced in life. Also they both edit video.

Patrick and Eric are HIPSTERS who get a lot of message board hate but know A LOT about the things they like.

Drew and Brian are SILENT but EVERYONE LIKES THEM because why wouldn't you!


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@Lydian_Sel said:

Is there even a new podcast at the moment? There's certainly not one on the site.

Yes there is.

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Yeah, I totally cannot get the latest episode. Also, when I tried to download the MP3, the file I got only had 48 minutes of the total runtime. What's going on!?

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I am going to Vancouver for University this coming school year as well, but I'm going to UBC. 
Also, don't listen to the people who can't control themselves. Take some games.

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Follow please! Will follow back.