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My name is Jon and I'm a Scorpio. I've been a regular reader/viewer of the website since the beginning but I haven't been that active in the community (hoping to change that). I got my submission for QOTW into the weekly video (drunk Russian dictator running Giantbomb) and I hope to do more. I own a PS3 but do appreciate many of the 360's offerings.  I recently finished college and now I sell vacation packages to people.

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I would agree that the obscurity of a band doesn't directly correlate with it's quality as there are plenty of terrible, obscure bands.  Similarly there are well known bands that make or have made quality music and deserve their fame. I'm pretty good at not writing something off because I've heard it on the radio, but at the same time I know that most of the bands I listen to won't be heard on the radio.
@ Verdugo That seems like a fair standard. For me, I don't know that many people in my area yet since I am kindof new, so my points of reference currently are the message boards I hang out on, which have their origins in prog metal. Still, when Opeth comes to town, they can usually get about 1000 people to show up.

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Final Boss Fight "Devil Went Down to Georgia" - Guitar Hero 3 (expert)
There are a few songs that I can't do on expert such as Through the Fire and Flames. But that song is a bonus, not something that is essential to completing the game.  But "Devil Went Down to Georgia" was necessary to beat the career (game) and it took me weeks to finally beat it. I even got a screencap of it.

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@ LeetBalla Hey do you know who did the drums on the new P86 album? I accidentally bought the vinyl so I don't have the credits etc...
As for my recommendations, I'd agree with Opeth and Mastodon.    Also, this...

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The trouble I have with deeming something "obscure" is that it's relative to the context that you're comparing the music to. Like if I mentioned The Chariot, mewithoutyou, Living Sacrifice, Zao, Becoming the Archetype or Underoath, many people may say "yes those are obscure", but someone who's familiar with the "Christian alternative/metal whatever scene" would recognize if not, be familiar with most of those names.  So while none of my IRL friends (except for my brother) know/care about Opeth, Between the Buried and Me etc...I don't really want to label those two in particular obscure since I know in the prog community, these guys are increasingly well known (especially Opeth). They're also on well known labels (Roadrunner and Victory respectively).
But if I have to give an answer I'll say Intronaut.

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Off the top of my head,
Master of Puppets - Metallica
Walk - Pantera
March of the Fire Ants (Intro) - Mastodon
Left Behind - Slipknot
The last two are more personal favourites than any attempt to objectively define "greatest". There are also wayyyy too many good guitar riffs to count them all. But for those who haven't heard March of the Fire Ants, you must absolutely listen to the intro. Bad-fucking-ass.

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To the OP, thank you for posting this and introducing me to the other commentaries of "navgtr" reviews. Wow, I ...just,  wow.

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I would say either Natalie Portman (thank you Phantom Menace for introducing me). IIRC, Brittany Spears also came out around then too so it would be one of those two.

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I'm not that good at Photoshop but I thought I'd have some fun.

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Is Mastodon's newest album "Crack the Skye" prog enough for ya? It's my favourite cd this year regardless but I've heard the "prog" term attached to it a could of times.