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I loved playing the XMen vs Street Fighter and the Marvel Vs Capcom games when I would go to the arcade, but I couldn't find a console version where I was unless I was willing to pay ungodly amounts for it (dunno why). But now I can make up for lost time.

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Let me also echo my own sentiments regarding double sided lightsa...err..chainsaws and then attaching them to motorbikes. Well done. Do we know if this new guy is also going to be a photographer, or are they keeping that for this game?

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My vote goes to you sir. Well done.

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I enjoyed the Gigaville one immensely as a big MGS fan

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I figured since the Baraka one seemed too obvious, I'd do the next best thing. Michelle "Jade" Obama (apparently Jade was her maiden name).

MK vs Washington DC

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I agree, more DT would be great. I have heard a rumour that Scenes From a Memory is coming for DLC in GH:WT but any DT would be acceptable.  Specifically, I think Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence (Disc 1) or Train of Thought would be perfect for Rock Band.

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Deftones Track Pack

1. My Own Summer
2. Passenger
3.  Hexagram

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Death by Snu Snu

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1. Opeth
2. Project 86
3. Dream Theater
4. Zao
5. Deftones

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Well, since zombies feed on brains, I'd go where they couldn't find any.....HOLLYWOOD! ZING....ok, I'll leave now.