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Fun, Fast and Awesome : The "I Can't Alliterate" Story 0

I didn't even realize that Climax existed until last July when I played it once in an arcade in Vegas. Therefore, my memories are slim. I am quite fond of the original After Burner, but most of that was tied to the arcade-ness of the game, where I got to sit in the chair and have it move and swivel with my actions, making me feel like I was actually flying the plane (I was 10, leave me alone).  The console version of Climax can't really therefore play on any feelings of nostalgia.  Really though...

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Awkward walking through a great story 0

I think that in a certain sense, reading up on the well publicized idea that there are no "game overs" actually enhanced my enjoyment of this game.  Knowing that there were no restarts or endless retries definitely ratcheted up the intensity, especially in a game where the subject is a murder mystery.  Also, the expectation laden in most video games that "if you fail, the story starts over" actually made that knowledge required for me to enjoy the game at all.  The story progressed so smoothly f...

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The End (?) 0

I should preface this review with an admission.  I never actually completed the original MGS completely (only about 3/4 as I never owned a PSX).  I got in on MGS 2, and quickly caught myself up on the necessary details.  However, since then I've been hooked by the boss fights, the stealth, the characters and the crazy ass story that MGS turned into.  When it came time for Solid Snake's last adventure, I was excited to play the game but was primarily interested in how Kojima was going to tie all ...

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