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So did they know?

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@Rattle618 said:
" lol I fucking guessed it too, what are the odds?! "
1 in 52 depending on whether jokers where in the deck.
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I noticed this too its a real pain :(

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Mia Townsend Clayton Townsend

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Pass, its the worst of Fable 2

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PS3 slim even though the 360 slim offers better new features aesthetically I don't want it sitting in my lounge room.

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Beta keys ran out SO FAST!

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@Suicrat: Cricket matches are like 2 innings of Baseball but you get 10 outs instead of 3 (I think 3 dont get baseball) one team does there first innings then they switches and the other team does theres, An over goes for 6 balls (imperial system) then the bowler (or pitcher) has to switch. The only reason I can see that one team would win with a lower score would be that both of there innings added together might equal a higher score. The other thing about cricket is that after 5 days they just call it a draw that might have been what happened as well. :P
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@Suicrat: Crikets isn't hard you hit the ball and run between the wickets 1 point for everytime you make it between them, if you hit it out of the ground instead of a 'Home Run' you get 4 points 6 points if you do it on the full. That wasn't a single rhyme in there. Congratulations now your enlightened.
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Thanks, Xbox 360 Please 

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