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Judgment wasn't necessary in the franchise, but works well regardless. 0

I’m an admitted Gears of War junkie. The accessible third person shooter series has been distilled over the last few years, and ultimately met a storyline wrap up in Gears of War 3. I spent a lot of time in Gears 3′s multiplayer, even through to Judgment’s launch. This all being said, I was surprised at Epic’s plan to launch a prequel to Gears, let alone one starring Baird and Kilo Company. The “easy choice” of telling the story of how Marcus Fenix ends up in...

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A story that needs to be experienced. 0

Bioshock Infinite is an experience. I was hooked from the opening, watching Booker Dewitt find his way into Columbia, where I remember my first time heading to Rapture, the awe and wide eyed wonder at all the things happening around me. Atmosphere has always been Bioshock's key feature in my opinion - something that Infinite has no problem keeping up with. I am itching to go back through the game another time to watch itself weave its beautiful world and story again.I hadn't seen much of the le...

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Budokai 3 is the star of the show. 0

Namco Bandai's 2002 and 2004 releases in the Dragon Ball Z Budokai series are fondly remastered in HD, with the recently released Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection. The title contains Budokai, and Budokai 3, with the middle title being left out of the mix. Keeping in mind that Dragon Ball Z Kinect has been out for a short time before the launch of HD Collection, this compilation will hopefully stave off the need for another decent Dragon Ball Z experience on the current platform lineup.Dragon ...

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My Uncharted 2 Review 0

 If I had to pick out some of my favorite Playstation 3 games, I could count on one hand the ones that have stuck with me. Killzone 2, Warhawk, The Eye of Judgement, Uncharted. I get it. I have quirky and strange tastes in games. Uncharted was one of those games I clamored for when it first came out. I was mesmerized by the lush imagery that floated around the internet, awestruck that a game could look as nice as it did and provide a fluid platforming experience. For the most part, Uncharted del...

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