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@morrow said:

Even if it would be you vs. hundreds of them, as long as you don't get cornered you should be able to chop them down, one at a time.

Unless you're a world class athlete, you would probably get exhausted before too long. Try chopping wood with an axe, see if you can swing it 100 times before having to take a break.

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I have Civ 5 vanilla on Steam, and am interested in getting Gods and Kings. My question is, if I get a non-steam version through Amazon (which is cheaper right now), will it be compatible? Or do I have to get it on Steam?

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@drac96 said:

Where? If it's what I think it is, then its the most obvious thing ever. You can figure it out in the demo.

Is the "spoiler" in the review that

Please just give a yes or no response.

I had been avoiding the review, but if that's the only thing to worry about, then I'll go ahead an watch the review since I came to that conclusion based on the demo.

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The epilogue isn't one year later, it takes place in summer 2012, just a few months after the original game ended.

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@Abendlaender said:

I have the score here but didn't have time to listen to it. Can you name any stand-out tracks?

"Further", "Falling into a Dream", "Fever Dream", and "Bad Trip".

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I'm curious about where they take it from here. Dark Souls was pretty much the best game it could possibly be in my opinion. Outside of small changes, it feels like there's no room for improvement.

I'm more than willing to be proven wrong, though, so I'm hardly going to criticize this game. Maybe they'll outdo themselves, and even if this ends up being only more of the same, I won't complain too much.

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Etrian Odyssey IV should be renamed Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan, as the NA version was just announced with that title.

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The article on Japanese games by Jeremy Parish was fantastic, good job recommending it Patrick.

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@Eazy94 said:

I think I figured out who the human, referred as an "Eerie voice" in Narukami's story, who is working with the Malevolent entity really is. I think it is Detective Kurosawa.

Here is why I came to this conclusion: If you play Naoto's story, she is given an assignment by a man in the JSDF to spy on the Kirijo Group's "Shadow Operative." After the incident at the airport she is given a contact that is willing to leak information about the group; the man also said that the contact seems to have his own agenda. The contact is revealed to be Detective Kurosawa, the same man who help P3's MC with supply against the shadows when he was just an officer, and takes Naoto to where Mitsuru and the others are located. Kurosawa goes up to them, surprising Aigis since that was not the original rendezvous point and he shouldn't have know where they were. Kurosawa debriefs his findings of the incidents in Inaba that took place the year before. After giving his report to Mitsuru, he decides to return to his post, leaving Naoto behind to tail Mitsuru and the others.

He knew where they were because they were driving a ridiculously long limo that stood out like a sore thumb in a small town like Inaba.

@Eazy94 said:

Why do I believe it's Kurosawa? There are 3 things that we know so far about the person behind this "eerie voice:" It knows about personas/personae and shadows, It does NOT have a persona and it's somehow connected to the Kirijo Group; Kurosawa fits that criteria. There is also the fact that Kurosawa happened to find Mitsuru's group on the same place where Labrys was thrown into the TV. How would have he know of that place? How would he have known that Misturu and the others were going to be there, unless he had already planned it out; the criminal always return to the site of the crime. Another fact that stacks against his is that he purposely led Naoto to follow Mitsuru into the TV. Why? Well, if you play the other characters' story, it will be revealed that the Malevolent Entity is trying to gather powerful Personas/Personae to turn them back into shadows. Naoto might have never entered the tournament if it wasn't for Kurosawa.

He knew that Mitsuru and the others would be there because Mitsuru asked him to come.