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Name generator: Petulant Suicide

Diva name generator: Miss Teacher (which is hilarious since my name happens to closely resemble that of a certain Van Halen front man).

Lucha name generator: Loco Leyenda

I'm not a huge fan of Finn Balor either, but like all things we'll get used to it in time.

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Seems like DW to me. Looks fun in short bursts, but not enough to actually finish the game. The Zelda nostalgia would keep me playing longer than otherwise, but I doubt I'd ever see any kind of end game if I were to play it.

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After playing some more I'm getting more used to the button layout, but I still wish they would add some remapping into the options.

Is that not in the full game? The demo is so stripped-down I wouldn't be surprised if it was. Then again it's Nintendo so I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't.

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@starvinggamer: Control customization is in the full game.

Good to know. I'm adjusting to it, but I may still swap it around a bit in the final release if it just feels more natural.

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Have people written off Cesaro as a lost cause for the WWE? I still think there is hope given how long it took for CM Punk and Daniel Bryan to get their pushes and how many times they were supposedly in the "dog house". Granted pairing Cesaro with Heyman immediately after Wrestlemania was a huge mistake, especially when he was poised to become an upper card babyface. If Cesaro just keeps putting on good match after good match I think he will eventually make it.

The guy I am most worried about is Dean Ambrose. Clearly the WWE wanted Roman Reigns as the big breakout star from The Shield with Seth Rollins as a solid upper card heel. Which kinda left Ambrose with floundering around the midcard until WWE released or made him a jobber to the stars. I'll be honest I thought making Ambrose a face wouldn't work but damned if my fellow Cincinnatian didn't prove me wrong. If WWE was smart they would see they have a potential next Steve Austin. Seriously Dean Ambrose's character is like some freaky hybrid of Stone Cold and (another Cincinnatian) Loose Canon Brian Pillman.

Supposedly they are still high on Cesaro and just wanted to focus on pushing one guy at a time (Reigns). I think it is more of an issue that they just don't know how to work him in and flesh out his character yet. I like his arrogant European shtick, but I still can't stand anything about that music.

Not to dwell on Takeover II, but I finally watched it (and no longer have to avoid this thread) and that was really great all the way around. After barely watching any of the main product in the last 2 or 3 weeks that was exactly what I needed. Can't wait to see KENTA's debut match and for Steen and Devitt to debut as well.

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@starvinggamer: All love for chibby Mega man but no love for old man outta shape Mega Man in SF X Tekken?

I rocked that avatar for over 2 years. He got his due.

Yeah, Bad Box Art Mega Man was pretty great. If only they were able to revamp that game before most people dropped it and went back to SF4. Loving the Ono-Blanka avatar by the way.

After playing some more I'm getting more used to the button layout, but I still wish they would add some remapping into the options. I've started playing as each character in one on one matches so that I can test their moves out in a more controlled way. Much better for testing out the new characters than a crazy 4 player brawl.

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Honestly the part I'm struggling with is having the attacks being on A and B and jump on X and Y. I know it sounds odd since A and B have always been the attack buttons, but it feels weird having them on the right side of the button layout when I've gotten so used to the N64 and Gamecube controllers where they were on the lower left of the button layouts. It feels backwards to me moving my thumb up and left to reach the jump buttons instead of up and right.

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Thank you. I was hoping somebody had already mentioned it. If you can wrap your head around the combat mechanics to get through the game the story is second to none.

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Yeah, the level of defensiveness is super bizarre to me. Like it's really strange when I see someone (like Alex on Twitter today, for instance) lamenting the horrifying levels of harassment that are driving people like Jenn Frank out of the industry, and then other people come along and say "Yeah but I'm not harassing anyone!" Okay, so? If that's the case, why get defensive at all? I literally don't understand this sort of response.

I said this in the comments on Patrick's Q&A, but I'm with you on this one. If people feel defensive enough to make it a point to separate themselves from the harassment, then why do they continue to use the hashtag? It is the thing that makes people associate them with the harassment and horrible actions people have been doing.

Now, admittedly, I don't use Twitter. I created one to enter a drawing for some hockey swag (Go Pens!), but that's all I've ever used it for. How hard would it be for the people who are trying to actually trying to have a civil conversation to just unify under a new hashtag? If you don't want to be included in the gamergate backlash then why in the hell would you keep using the tag? Sure there is always the chance the new tag would just get overrun by crazies eventually (it is the internet after all), but the effort to have civil discussion is the thing that people viewing the whole gamergate thing from the outside aren't seeing. If there are really people trying to have that discussion then they need to separate themselves from the hashtag so they can even be heard over the hyperbole and shouting.

Too many people seem to believe things operate in absolutes. Black/White. Right/Wrong. There is no in between in some peoples mind. Sadly it seems the internet brings the worst out in many people. They pick a horse and defend it to the death. Heaven forbid you take a moderate stance or use rationality because then you risk attack from both sides. It really is a societal issue and not just a games media issue if you ask me. Much like the OP said, this pattern repeats over and over in politics, religion, race, gender, etc...

It's sad, but if rational discussion can't find a way to rise through the noise, then things may not change.

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@ethanielrain: Corpse Party looks really interesting but as much as I love physiological thrillers I hate pop up scare type games so do you know if it has alot of pop up scares?

I can't play scary games...it isn't scary at all IMO, more like gothic cutesy :)

Agreed. It's a goofy game that tells a story that is mildly unsettling, but there's nothing in the way of jump scares or anything like that to worry about. It's similar in tone to something like Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni (When They Cry in America) if you are familiar with that anime.

If you love JRPGs then you should get a lot out of the PSP back catalog. Especially if you enjoy tactic games as well. I large portion of games on my Vita are PSP games I missed since I didn't own one.

I'll also reiterate that PS+ is a no brainer. Aside from the Vita cartridges I have and the handful of PSP games I bought on PSN sales, everything I have has been free via PS+.

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Alice: Madness Returns

That game was like 75% padding, as each map should have been about the quarter of the size it was.

This one is on the nose for me. Had they shortened each chapter by 20-30 minutes it would have improved the game immensely. Instead they keep you repeating the exact same traversal mechanics and battle combinations over and over. I burned out at the beginning of the card world (chapter 4 or something like that).

For those saying Zelda: Twilight Princess, I burned out on it about 12 hours in the first time I got it. I hated the Wii controls and the wolf sections. After so many years away I started it again because I would like to finish it and I'm finding it much more enjoyable. Phantom Hourglass though, no way am I going to go back to that center dungeon and repeat it after every single main dungeon I complete. Such a dumb design decision.