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Also, I think everyone here can get behind the fact that something like Kaiju Big Battle exists:

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@medacris: If you are considering watching any now is a great time. Post Wrestlemania is when they start building new story arcs and rivalries. There are some that obviously will build and carry over from what has previously happened for depth, but there are new personalities coming into the fold around this time that you could see their stories begin just like everyone else.

They are usually pretty good about recapping events from the previous week or more in replays and video packages during the shows so the backstory shouldn't be too tough to catch up on. The easiest thing I could recommend is watch a show or two and find a couple wrestlers whose style/personality you really like and following them.

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@demoskinos: Couldn't agree more. Also, I haven't heard a ton of "speculation circulating about drugs and steroids" on any of the site's I've seen cover his death. Some mention that he has admitted to steroid use in the past but beyond that everyone rational seems to be under the impression that it is a heart attack. Could there be residual issues from steroids in the past? Sure, but there hasn't been anything reported to the degree that she is pumping the whole thing up to be.

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Stunned to see this first thing upon waking up. The sad thing is, had he not appeared at the HoF or RAW I honestly wouldn't have been shocked to hear something like this. The fact that we just saw him is what makes it so surprising to me.

RIP Warrior.

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The only part of Paige's debut that bothered me was that the only move she hit (I don't have the Network to watch NXT so I assume it's her finisher) looked like it barely did anything. Maybe it was just poorly executed by one or both of them, but it read like a giant oversell that it could earn a 3 count. Other than that I am actually glad to see them pull the trigger and inject some life into the Diva's division.

Holy hell though, Paul Heyman nailed it last night. That entire promo about the Streak was fantastic. He let the crowd do their thing and never lost control of the moment. It was great. Couldn't be happier about Cesaro joining him.

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I used to watch a lot of both. The difference for me is that I have fallen back into watching wrestling where as I have yet to find more than 2 or 3 anime series/movies in the last 10 years that I I felt was doing anything interesting that held my attention. Granted, I don't seek out anime the same way I used to in fairness.

Wrestling is basically just a drama with fight scenes. You'll be hard pressed to find people who believe it is 100% real and that is why the "wrestling is fake" argument doesn't hold water. Maybe it did in the 90's when the curtains were originally opening and the backstage world was finally seen, but that isn't the case now. It's a long running drama with characters and storylines just like any other show out there. The only difference is the people involved are legitimately athletes (the majority of them anyway) and even if the finishes are planned, the feats of strength that many of them can pull off are fantastic.

The majority of people that love wrestling (myself included) tend to love the business side of it just as much as the in-ring stuff. Who is getting pushed or buried, real life issues between stars, etc. There's a unique blend of reality and fiction with wrestling. When they blend the two together perfectly it is something that is really hard to replicate (See Undertaker's loss at WM30). The fans think they know what goes on in the backrooms and the writers/wrestlers go out of their way to throw you a curve. It evolves with the fans.

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What the hell, I'll give this a go.

WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos vs The Real Americans vs Los Matadores vs Rybaxel - Fatal 4 Way for the WWE Tag Team Championship

  • Winners (2 pts) - The Usos
  • Method of victory (2 pts) - Pinfall
  • Person that gets the fall (1 pt) - Jay Uso
  • Person that takes the fall (1 pt) - Cesaro

The Shield vs Kane and The New Age Outlaws - Six Man Tag Team Match

  • Winners (2 pts) - The Shield
  • Method of victory (2 pts) - Pinfall
  • Person that gets the fall (1 pt) - Roman Reigns
  • Person that takes the fall (1 pt) - Kane

The Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational

  • Winner (2 pts) - Tamina
  • Method of victory (2 pts) - Pinfall
  • Does Tamina turn on AJ? (2 pts) - Yes

The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

  • Winner (4 pts) - Rusev (I know he isn't announced yet, but I'm willing to bet he will be a surprise entrant.)
  • Shortest time (2 pts) - Zach Ryder
  • Most eliminations (2 pts) - Big Show

John Cena vs Bray Wyatt

  • Winner (2 pts) - John Cena
  • Method of victory (2 pts) - Pinfall
  • Does the rest of The Wyatt Family get involved? (2 pts) - Yes

The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar

  • Winner (2 pts) - The Undertaker
  • Method of victory (2 pts) - Pinfall
  • Does Taker get stretchered out? (2 pts) - No

Daniel Bryan vs Triple H - Winner Gets Added to the Main Event

  • Winner (2 pts) - Daniel Bryan
  • Method of victory (2 pts) - Pinfall
  • Does a stipulation get added to the match? (2 pts) - Yes

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton vs Batista vs Winner of Bryan/Orton - Triple Threat Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

  • Winner (2 pts) - Batista
  • Method of victory (2 pts) - Pinfall
  • Does this become a Fatal 4 Way? (2 pts) - No

Krazy Predictions:

  • CM Punk run in to help Bryan beat HHH
  • Paul Heyman chokeslammed through a table
  • Another live band plays HHH's music and screws up the lyrics
  1. Will any tag team/stables break up? YES (The Real Americans)
  2. Does the Divas match go over or under 5 minutes and 59.5 seconds? OVER
  3. What will the number of title changes be (zero counts as even)? Two
  4. What will the number of Submission victories be (zero counts as even)? Even
  5. Does the third man in the main event enter with taped injuries? Yes
  6. Does Daniel Bryan wrestle for over or under 55 minutes and .5 seconds? Over
  7. Does Punk physically appear at Wrestlemania XXX? Yes
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Remember when Atlus was publishing Demon's Souls? The special edition was 10 bucks more but dang that was some quality shit bro, even if the ink front page of the strategy guide did wear out after extended use, but I seem to remember that you could even send it back to them and get a better quality guide or something.

But after the cover of that guide starts wearing a bit it just fits the tone so well. At least it managed to work that way for me. The fading happened around the lettering and gave it a nice aging effect.

I picked up my Steel Book today and haven't seen an issue. It was actually a tighter seal than ones I had in the past. It's actually a lot like the FFXII steel case from way back when. I do like it better than the metal box they used for Dark Souls personally, though I would gladly take the box again if it meant some kind of art book was included without buying the more expensive version.

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Going back and watching the Pipebombs genuinely makes me sad that I missed out on that chunk of time. Supposedly he's been removed from all listings except for the PPV so hopefully that is indicative of a work being in play with this one.