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I still think Reigns biggest issue is his mic skills. His speech is very stilted and he pauses every couple words in a way that just doesn't feel natural to me. It just comes off more as "I'm trying to remember what I planned to say" rather than just getting into the character and the moment and letting it flow. I think he's coming along fine as a singles wrestler, but he does need to start mixing up the spots a bit. It's fine to always hit your signature stuff, but try and mix up the situations and the ways you bring them about.

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Did the Del Rio match come off awkward on TV the crowd kind of checked out compared to the rest.

Commentary seemed much more interested in Fandango then on the actual match that was occurring. I honestly had to look up which match it was just to make sure I was thinking it was the right one. I'm just sad they are lumping Ziggler in to try and save that mess of a storyline.

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The Bo vs El Torito stuff may have been the perfect way to get the non-NXT crowd to get into Bo. Love it.

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@papercut: As someone who took part in one or two and then missed the next couple LoC's I can see the interest in a reset. How about making multiple "belts" for it? Maybe have the year long scores be a World Championship, seasonal best be Intercontinental and the monthly best be the US/TV Title (or something in those veins)? It might be more work to track, but could ease the sense of "I missed one or two so why bother taking part?".

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Vagrant Story all day for me. I struggled with the learning curve the first time I tried playing it and when I came back to it years later it all clicked beautifully. Still one of, if not the, greatest translations ever done for a game.

My love for that game is well known to my friends and my fiance even found a Rood Inverse necklace on etsy that she bought for my birthday. Fantastic stuff.

I never finished Xenogears, but liked what I played. As for Chrono Cross, I've always been in the camp that really enjoyed the game and defend it to this day. I even imported the sound track back in the day. That music is timeless.

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MK9 was an awesome announcement because they were going back to their roots and bringing back the MK that everyone loved. It was a significant change. MKX may just seem underwhelming because we knew it was coming and we know what it is for all intensive purposes. Aside from a shiny coat of paint and any new modes/gameplay announcements yet to come this is exactly what everyone expected. Doesn't mean the game won't be as awesome, just that the announcement is less significant in terms of the franchise overall because it isn't going to reinvent the wheel like MK9 did.

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@beforet said:

One last note: I've been made aware that in Japan there was DLC for a Caim outfit which included Caim's Sword. I have seen no way to acquire this DLC for the US release. This chagrins me to no end.

It was included in the Collector's Edition. I imagine it'll get a proper release down the road, but right now that is the only way to get it.

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@flappy said:

It's not that bad. Well, it can be, but it's due to a couple of smaller things adding up into a bigger one. I see it as something that can be relatively easy for one person and incredibly annoying for another. I'm taking a bit of a break before I tackle it again.

Edit: I'm such a fraud. :(

Final Edit: Finally beat it. Practice makes perfect.

Congrats. All I need to get is the final Chakram from the side mission and I'm all set for the final branch. Hopefully it'll be smooth sailing.

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@flappy: So tempted to read, but I'm currently collecting all the weapons to unlock path D. I hear there is a sequence in branch D that is a real pain though.

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@drac96: I will say this, I had some gripes about the humorous tone of the game at its outset. While that never fully goes away, things do start getting more serious as you get further in. The combat (while still Dynasty Warriors-esque) does get better to as the AI gets tougher when you go for alternate endings. It does not make the best first impression, but stick with it to Ending A at least (end of chapter 5) and you'll know whether or not you want to keep going at that point for the rest of the story.