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AJ and Paige are going "we get 3 minutes of work and have to lez out on each other, you give the Bellas a 10 minute segment and a storyline".

And thus we have the reason why the title is the "Diva's" title and no longer the Women's Title. It's sad that even when they seem to be getting a lot of talented women wrestlers WWE continues to put "Diva" drama before the actual wrestling.

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Uhm, isn't it 45 matches AND the finals, consisting of best of 5 matches against three dudes unless you get eliminated before then?

But yeah, mode, much like the game, is hot trash.

It's 45 games in qualifying and then 3 best of 3 rounds. In total if you go through the final there is 54 games. Possibly less since if you win the first 2 of the 2 out of 3 the third game doesn't get played (but you still have to wait the time length as if it did).

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@jaycrockett said:

It's common in these types of games for there to be a benefit to maxing a card before combining, and maxing the card you are feeding with. This because you can transfer not just xp but skill procs (in these other games).

Anyone know of anything like that here? Doesn't it ever make sense to 'Pro' a common card?

In case you haven't found your answer yet, here's how the Pro system works in this game:

When you pro a card (Card #1), its level resets to zero but it keeps its stats, plus it gains stats from the second card (Card #2) that you're combining it with (5% of each stat if Card #2, or 10% of each stat if Card #2 is max level).

i.e. if you have a pair of Rare Xavier Woods, you want to level the first one to 20 so that when you pro it its level resets to 0 and you can level it another 25 times (a pro gets an extra 5 levels added to its tier's max potential level), but you also want to level the second one to 20 so that, instead of gaining 5% of its level 0 stats, you gain 10% of its level 20 stats when you combine them.

The way the math shakes out, a properly maxed pro who was combined from two maxed cards will beat a non-pro of the tier one higher than it, and will be competitive with a partially-leveled card of the tier two higher than it (e.g. a properly maxed Rare Pro beats a non-Pro Super Rare, and is about equal to a level ~15 Ultra Rare).

Not sure if that's the exact math or not, but the theory checks out. I did this with 2 rare Dean Ambrose cards and have yet to see anything in Super Rare (non-Pro) beat it.

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Dean Ambrose - Rare "Pro" (24/25)

Hulk Hogan - Rare (0/20)

The Rock - Rare (0/20)

Kofi Kingston - Super Rare (0/25)

Eva Marie - Rare (0/20)

Kofi was my MVP until I got a pair of Rare Ambroses. I trained each on to lvl 20 and then fused them into a Rare Pro card. His stats are absurd for right now.

Pow = 184

Tgh = 182

Spd = 193

Cha = 194

Rope Rebound Clothesline +15 Cha

As soon as he's at 25/25 I'll boost Eva Marie since diva cards are rare and then Kofi. The Rock and Hogan will hopefully be replaced soon since I only really use them for tag team compatibility right now anyway.

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Finished my first run of KotR and took 1st. My prize? An Uncommon trash can and 2 Rare David Otungas. I can see how finishing 1st on higher levels would actually be a decent prize. The benefit to coming in first is the pair of cards you get. I didn't realize that meant "2 of the same" card until I won. The main draw there being you have everything to make a rare or higher Pro card whenever you want. That's not bad at all.

I'll probably try it at least one more time now that I'm listed in Super Rare tier. The prize isn't really worth it on the base level given the time investment (ie: grind back up to 5 energies between every few matches), but at higher tiers it may be.

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@demoskinos: His appearance on Talk is Jericho right after his release was one of my favorite episodes. Kinda sad to hear how 3MB was doomed from the start in his words. He seems like a really driven and determined guy so kudos to him.

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So after ruminating on the whole "what the hell do we do now since no one can feasibly beat Lesnar" situation I have come to one conclusion that I feel would work well for everyone involved: Cesaro.

Normally I don't like the idea of "feeding" someone to the champ to just get beaten, but I think there is a way where Cesaro getting fed to Lesnar works both from a story angle and a backstage level. Cesaro is a failed Heyman guy for all intensive purposes. His jealousy towards all the time that Heyman used to push Lesnar rather than Cesaro is a natural sticking point to launch a feud from. Realistically Cesaro doesn't have a chance to beat Lesnar, but if they play up Cena's beating and keep him out of the ring for a while then I'd love to see him mentor/manage Cesaro leading into the match. His reasoning being that he respects Cesaro after the great matches they had this year and that he is afraid of what will happen if Lesnar goes unchecked.

Cena can tell Cesaro things to look out for so that Cesaro can at least perform better than Cena did so it isn't a complete squash match. For those worried about Cesaro's mic skills, well, let Cena do most of the talking. This way Cena stays in the big picture (makes WWE brass happy), Lesnar can continue to be the big evil the company needs (makes everyone happy), and Cesaro gets a rub and the chance to show what he's got with some actual time to work with (makes wrestling fans happy).

I know the "Cena befriends midcarder and they are buried afterwards" examples are numerous, but I'd like to think Cesaro could survive it since he is just a higher caliber talent then the Usos, Cryme Tyme, or Zack Ryder.

Also, in a silly way, now that Lesnar is champ I would love to see Ambrose try to make Rollins cash in the briefcase knowing he'd get destroyed.

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It may be the hardest in terms of mind games and psychology, but execution wise it certainly isn't. As many have said Arc Sys games can be pretty hard to learn (Blaz Blue and Guilty Gear spring to mind) in parts due to every character having unique mechanics that make learning characters + matchups much more difficult.

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@drx25 said:
@drx25 said:

Krazy™ Predictions:

  1. Kharma returns and destroys Brie Bella.
  2. There's a spot during the Lumberjack match where Dean Ambrose decides to attack a bunch of the Lumberjacks
  3. Roman Reigns does a sit-up, Undertaker Style.

I'd just like to remind @papercut that Ambrose totally hit a suicide dive on Lumberjacks.

I will counter with:

@junpei said:


1. Hulk Hogan is one of the Lumberjacks.

2. Seth Rollins manages to get DQ'd in the Lumberjack match when he grabs the MitB briefcase while the Lumberjacks are beating on Ambrose and hits Dean with it upon reentering the ring. Thus allowing the feud to be "unresolved" and continuing for at least another month.

3. Brock Lesnar's voice doesn't crack.

Sure they may not have had DQs be possible, but I called the ending and for as much as Lesnar was talking I don't recall hearing a crack :P

Good show overall. Steph looked like a beast early in the match against Brie. Ending didn't do much for me, but that was better than I had anticipated. Ziggler finally gets the nod which always makes me happy. I was really enjoying the Reigns vs Orton match until the end. There were some really great spots, but I didn't enjoy the whiffed punt into spear finisher. Maybe it was how Reigns went immediately from being completely gassed and down for a few minutes to being fully energized to hit the spear and bounce around the ring in celebration like nothing happened. Would have liked to see him sell that the match was a battle more after he got the win.

Cena vs Lesnar was great aside from Cena kid destroying my ears. I was curious how they were gonna follow up the Undertaker match since they built Lesnar into a bigger beast than he was before and this totally paid off. Not sure where they go from here though. Either Lesnar has to be brought down by his own ego and over confidence or he has to discard the belt as being beneath him since I don't see anybody currently positioned to be a worthy challenger to take it.

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Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro - SummerSlam Kickoff Singles Match

Winner: Cesaro

Method of victory: Pin

Intercontinental Champion The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler - Intercontinental Championship Match

  • Winner (2 pts): Ziggler
  • Method of victory (2 pts): Pin

Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt - Singles Match with Erick Rowan and Luke Harper Banned at Ringside

  • Winner (2 pts): Bray Wyatt
  • Method of victory (2 pts): Pin

Jack Swagger vs. Rusev - Flag Match

  • Winner (2 pts): Swagger

Divas Champion AJ Lee vs. Paige - Divas Championship Match

  • Winner (2 pts): AJ Lee
  • Method of victory (2 pts): Submission

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins - Lumberjack Match

  • Winner (2 pts): Dean Ambrose
  • Method of victory (2 pts): DQ
  • Will the briefcase be put on the line? (2 pts): No

Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton - Singles Match

  • Winner (2 pts): Roman Reigns
  • Method of victory (2 pts): Pin

Brie Bella vs. Stephanie McMahon - Singles Match

  • Winner (2 pts): Brie Bella
  • Method of victory (2 pts): Pin
  • Does Nikki turn on her sister? (2 pts): No

WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar - Singles Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

  • Winner (2 pts): Brock
  • Method of victory (2 pts): Pin
  • Does a No-DQ style stipulation get added? (2 pts): No
  • Does Seth Rollins Cash-in? (2 pts): No


1. Hulk Hogan is one of the Lumberjacks.

2. Seth Rollins manages to get DQ'd in the Lumberjack match when he grabs the MitB briefcase while the Lumberjacks are beating on Ambrose and hits Dean with it upon reentering the ring. Thus allowing the feud to be "unresolved" and continuing for at least another month.

3. Brock Lesnar's voice doesn't crack.