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I just want to know if he stated on his project that it was from dipping his nuts in there.

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Still no worse than when I did that in High School and we were instructed to go to the school restroom exposing the plate in the air for 1 minute.

Is that really any worse the doing it in any other room? I would assume most the germs are from floor traffic. urine is sterile.


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This is in no way sexist, the vast majority of girls are awful at games, every girl ive ever been with has been and this is actually a great idea. Id love to be able to play a fast-paced and demanding game like this with the girl im with without them getting frustrated and bored after 15 minutes.

Im not saying there are no girls that are great at games, or that girls somehow havent got the capabilities to be, im just calling it how it is at this point in time. Being angry at someone for saying that is like disagreeing with someone that calls an orange a fruit.

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I havnt felt like that in a very long time, the only ones I can think of are Battlefield 1942, Counter Strike Source and WoW when it was first released, I think it might be more to do with having money to buy games myself nowadays, I play too many for them to stand out.

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The people who listen to the more chilled style of dubstep just because they dislike how popular the loud in your face style is really annoy me. People who dislike something because its popular and think it makes them superior are far worse in my mind than people who listen to something to fit in. It makes you a far worse brand of hipster.

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A photo of a randomer I found.

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Anyone know what background that is in the ebay picture? its nice!

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@VelvetLore04 said:
" Advice? Unless you are a lady or a gay dude, never be 'best friends' with a girl. "
Pretty immature attitude there fella.
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I think its got less to do with the impending 3DS and more about the sheer volume of software available for the DS. There are SO many games for the system that it wouldnt make much sense to stock every new release that comes out, especially as the majority of people who own a DS arent the type of people that would know about the title that you described. 
Plus im not sure about the status of Best Buy, im assuming its a supermarket? In the UK most supermarkets only stock popular chart games and little else. 
Its hard for a title such as that to get attention when the vast majority of DS owners are only interested in the games that either came with the system or have huge MARIO or similar names on the box.

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Bullshit, multiplayer was incredible, ive no doubt the single player will be just as good.