JusticeCat Pounces in to Minecraft!

I bought Minecraft probably two or three weeks ago, just when the hype was getting crazy. I played it for a little bit, mucking around, discovering all the objects and talking to friends about it before I had discovered the wiki, everything was new and amazing. I wasted a good amount of hours away on it over 2-3 days and then never touched it again. I guess I got bored and ran out of things to do.. But I soon discovered that Minecraft is about making your own fun. I loaded this little exe back up, deleted all my worlds and started again, luckily I found myself in a pretty nice world. right up against some water, a nice valley/forest behind me and coal not too far away. In past experiences I have built my house a stupid distance away from my actual spawn point, NO MORE! I collected mostly wood and a bit of ore and began collecting other resources as quickly as I could. I wasn't gonna dig some kind of lame-ass cave in the side of a wall. fuck that, I was gonna build me a house. a wooden house with a stone roof. Because doing it the other way around just seems too fuckin' sensible.



After building this over the period of I think 4 minecraftian nights I decided that it was now time to go mine for stuff to craft. Normally I start my mine inside my house but today I was gonna fuck that right off and have a mine entrance IN A MINE ENTRANCE.


OH SHIIIIIIIIIIIT. I don't think I have ever seen a more sexy mine entrance IRL let alone in the block-stomping time-chomping crotch-fondling game they call MINECRAFT.
By now I was beginning to get lonely. Several hours of banging away at rock does things to a man, you know? I started thinking about life and shit till not only moments before kicking the stool out from beneath my legs I decided YO LETS BUILD A FOREST AND SHIT. 
I scouted the perfect area for this dope as forest to lay its shit down, no too far behind my house! But if I'm gonna be mackin' hoes in this village I gotta be PREPARED AS FUCK. So I start layin' down some sweet construction on this bitch. I'm currently mashing away in this area below trying to carve the crap out of it to make it look all nice as it opens up in to the next area.


The area in question, pre dope-ass forest.
Now this is where I'm currently working on. My arm got sore from all that clickorising so I decided to retire for the evening and go watch some Mad Men - That show fucking rocks.

 The pants-wetting view.

More to come? Probably not.
Seriously though, Mad Men is great. Stop playing Minecraft and watch it.