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Game really needs mission select, lack of new game plus is annoying.

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Ok so this game has multiple endings right? I can't be arsed playing through it again and it doesn't seem to have a mission select screen (I should have made hard saves at the start of each and every mission).

So I played through with generally low chaos, I didn't kill if I didn't have to and I spared the lives of most targets where I could (if i felt they didnt deserve death).


I spared Havelocks life and rescued emily, after that it went on to a story about how everyone is happy and I go on to be by Emily's side as she inherits the empire. The two duders go on to make potions and shit and then we get drunk at the bar. I grow old and die and apparenty she has strong feelings for me.

Anyone else get anything different? Spill.

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@Andorski said:

So I just found out about elective mode, which kinda blew my mind. I was wondering though - is this a "legitimate" way to play the game? Before, I thought the skills were categorized to the key bindings in a way to balance the character. Is there a reason NOT to have this option on?

I feel like it's just a simple way to make it easier for casual gamers to be able to play, laying out a simple set of abilities with different functions (so DH for example would be guided in to using a cooldown attack, a hatred attack, a discipline attack and perhaps a follower). Elective just gives people more power if they desire it.

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I only had two companions and I remember noticing a change in personality when I lost the first one for a moment so I figured it was a different person now.

Amazing game and was really nice to have the option to talk to them after if I wanted to.

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When you click it, you are trying to equip it which you can't do because you haven't chosen to unlock it - on PC, press R to unlock it - on Console, read the screen.

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When you get the claw, you also get a Journal. The clues are in the Journal

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Honesly I felt like the input became a little laggy later on in the game, but was nice and snappy at the start.

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i felt like either my ps3 controller or uncharted 3 had an odd deadzone in the centre of the stick making small adjustments to aim really difficult... didn't run in the loss of vertical aim with a full horizontal lock though, but never tested for it.

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I did my first play-through on Hard because I was doing fine on Hard in Uncharted 2 the night before, I died about 150 times apparently - and felt this was fair enough.