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Okay. Cool. I'm a relatively new member to Giant Bomb and wasn't sure what the norm was. I might give it a crack later.

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Woah! Just flicking through the wiki topic on this game which I have owned since it came out.. Reading through it's wiki the page has an incredible negative bias towards it. Isn't that what the review at the top of the page is for? It was my understanding that the page should be neutral with perhaps a 'critical reception' segment at the end. Maybe the lack of mainstream success for the title means a low amount of people working on its wiki, but it really annoyed me. I realise it's a community wiki and open to edits from anyone. Would this be a fair enough edit?

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When im sieging i usually just select the tanks individually and queue up a move->siege command. depending on comp ill have marine marauder tank medivac on 1, ghosts on 2, air offensive on 3. but that obviously depends on what I'm up against.

EDIT: I have my production facilities all on 4 as well, and tab through them - If I'm specifically saying to myself "I need to get battlecruisers now and fast", ill put techlabbed ports on their own key and be checking that one all the time.

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I want this album but neither iTunes or Amazon will sell it to me :[

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Stop playing with your dickhead mate and start laddering.

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Can't purchase it in Australia :/

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The dreamhack audience cheers like its a game of golf - the gomtv audience cheers for every single pixel combining together to produce a single frame of SC2.

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Came in here to make sure people were watching - Day9 is hosting it :) http://www.justin.tv/day9tv

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I was a huge fan of number 1, played the crap out of that with mates on LAN over and over and custom campaigns and junk, loved it.

I never could get in to to, the changes alienated me and being a youngin i just got over and it played a different game.

Saw 3 was announced, preordered that in nostalgic excitement, saw gameplay trailers and got disappointed and told myself i would cancel my preorder.

Never got around to doing that, game came out, played it and really enjoyed it and i think I've clocked about 6 hours of gameplay today. Really enjoying it. Playing it on PC with a 360 controller and its fun as. I know I'm not going to get the same fun out of it as I did the first game, I hear MP is crap and i cant imagine it having its own campaign or custom content or anything, but I am enjoying the single player campaign. I dont know how long it is meant to be but it feels like I'm now approaching a finale and this makes me sad, kinda.

I also liked the first half of DNF but then hated the rest when I told myself Id finish it before picking up Alice :P What a chore those last 3 hours were :[

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Yeah. I think I must be in that small minority that does. I didn't enjoy the demo but I already had the BOS edition preordered in store and picked it up anyway because I wanted to experience the game, good or bad. also the merch was okay.

But yeah, after giving it a bit I found myself really enjoying it. Had one or two frustrating moments but it was only because I was doing it wrong.

There is already a thread of people talking about how terrible it is, post in here if you're enjoying it?