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The two weapon thing makes me feel cooler when I run to the RPG that I can see, pick it up, turn around and launch a bunch of rockets in to a pig cops face. It doesn't feel wrong.

I'm really enjoying the game.

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tip: If you want a special edition, then preorder it.

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I think I got that one first go. Though I've finished the game and after putting it down for a while wanted to play some last night, froze twice about 5-10 minutes in each, so gave up. 360 installed.

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hi im zerg I can instant remax

hi im protoss I can make units anywhere that I build a pylon

Seriously, balance discussion is stupid. Why do people bother?

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I don't know what you're talking about. You won. You should have much quicker.

Your macro completely slipped which is just as bad as having an income as small as his. If you didn't have FF you would have lost cause you didnt scout the all-in, if he didnt have mules he would have lost quicker than he did.

Balance discussion is hilarious, please continue :D

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Was it  Bob Clendenin? From Cougar Town and Scrubs? (plus others).


I thought he looked really familiar too.

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@Leakster said:
" I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought the end of that game was fucked, I don't mean that negatively. I love the game, but that last chapter or so is insane. That bit where you go down two levels and then fight a brute in a big room and on each of the two levels you get absolutely massacred by necromorphs had me going through all my health reserves and ammo. I finished that bit with a red health bar and no ammo with no supplies. I also think it's pretty mean that they don't give you the obligatory ammo dump right before the final encounter. "
Ya~ That was the bit where I realised "Oh shit - Everything is going down, I should just start running and conserve my ammo for when I am forced to use it." 
Turns out.. pretty good decision :3 Gonna do a play through on the easiest mode now, to collect everything, get some super power ups and work out what guns i like - Perhaps do a third play through on Zealot... then start practising in hardcore, Don't know how much I care about that achievement/respect though.
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@Slaker117: Doesn't even have to be stomping a necro! Put some metal on and mash the right bumper for insane stomp time. FUCKER! FUCKER! FUCKER!
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I can remember the segments you're talking about and they were kind of annoying - made me feel really good when I got through both of them without dying though! As much as I hated the spamming of necros... it added to my deadspace experience - the game should be at least a little stressfull at times. It IS a horror game and pulling you away from feeling good or at least empowered is part of its objective. 
The only time I really got angry at the game was a random instance somewhere in the middle - and then the end boss fight until I worked out the trick. 
I thought the Nichole hallucination segments were the opposite of scary/terrifying/thrilling - the early ones anyway - they need some work.