An amazing picture

Found this while looking through the photos on the Terminal Reality Facebook page. Says it is from the Konami Game Night event I believe in 2010.

Ryan, Jamie King, Jeff, and Russell Simmons

GTAIV was great fun, but...there were glitches

Grand Theft Auto IV really brought a lot of amazing tech tech with it along with a seamless city really bustling with life. It was always pretty impressive to see random things that could happen just because gameplay systems combined in a specific way.
However with any complex gameplay systems, there is a greater likelihood of bugs. The PC version probably brought more of these to light than the consoles mainly because of the recording features. 
Evidence (this is hilarious): 


DEUS EX: Human Revolution Gameplay Footage!

In case you missed it video footage has popped up online from a demo of Deus Ex 3. 26 minutes worth of it.    This is all gameplay and it looks great! 
NOTE: The demo may be the same one shown to press already, so it is likely not reflective of the current state of the game.
ALSO: The footage looks like it is from a cam view (though it is pretty clear), so there are a few instances where the bloom seems particularly extreme.

SPOILERS IN THE VIDEO: They do show the outcome of one of the missions, exposing one person's identity.  If you really want to avoid spoilers: Stop watching at the 6 minute mark and skip ahead to the 14 minute mark. 


A quick journey through Middle Earth

A recording I made of a trip in Lord of the Rings Online.    
 A 46 minute trip compressed to 8 minutes. From the door of Bag End, through Bree, a quick ride through Moria, and finally through the woods of Lothlórien.

The music is a collection of the soundtrack from LOTRO, which Turbine released for free to fans last year.



I am just checking out the more in-depth features here on GB for the first time. Really amazing tools under the hood.