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Wow...unbelievable. Thoughts and prayers definitely go out to Ryan's wife, the family, and the GB guys. A huge loss for all involved.

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Patrick, I would love to read an article about how Gambitious works. Reading their pages makes it all rather confusing. Definitely a fair number of fees you have pay.

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Another prequel?

I was really hoping for a really fresh setting that took place after GoWIII.

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@AhmadMetallic: If you mean the white guy between Jeff and Ryan, it is Jamie King. He was has worked on a TON of games. Was one of the main people behind Def Jam Rapstar.

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Found this while looking through the photos on the Terminal Reality Facebook page. Says it is from the Konami Game Night event I believe in 2010.

Ryan, Jamie King, Jeff, and Russell Simmons
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"They want to see 35 game developers out of a job."

So is he saying there are only 35 devs left at Team Bondi? That seems like a really low number.

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I have tried Chrome and Firefox in Windows 7. Everything seems to be up to date. 

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Exact same problem here. It does not matter if I choose low, med, high, or HD. Progressive, HTML5, and streaming all behave the same for me. 

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Same problem here. Started about a week ago. Videos used to start almost immediately no matter the resolution or player (streaming, progressive, or HTML 5). Time of day does not seem to matter. 

Time Warner cable in Dallas 

 I get the same problem with the old player on Tested.com for what it is worth. 
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