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I could swear I read in a preview a while back that they were working on a multiplayer component to this game, but I was saddened to find out after starting the game that it was single-player only. I remember reading about one player controlling the units, and another player playing the tower defense side of things. I really like the mechanics and pace of this game and it would be awesome to take that experience online with other people. 
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@TheBeast said:
" As you might imagine, a lot of these stories are somewhat sensationalist. Sure, they're holding the money but they certainly won't 'keep it', they're just doing what they need to to protect their business and provide the service people expect of them.  
I would agree that some of the stories are sensationalized. But I did read a few stories about people losing much smaller amount of money to Paypal (small compared to 600,000 euros small, not one or two dollars small). When one guy tried to appeal the decision, they sent him back what appeared to be a stock one or two sentence response that basically said they had decided against his favor and that he could not appeal!
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Notch, the creator of Minecraft, uses a Paypal account for his checkout system. He had accumulated 600,000 euros just last week from selling the game (for reference, this comes out to a little over $763,000.00 in US dollars).  
According to Notch's blog, Paypal has informed him that they've noticed a "suspicious withdrawal or deposit" and they're holding the money while they investigate. His blog entry also states that they've given him some vague descriptions of documents they need and that the process could take weeks. Worst of all, at the end of their "investigation", if they decide some funny business was going on, they will KEEP ALL OF IT.  Even if they don't keep it, I've heard speculation that Paypal sometimes holds money just to gain interest off of it, not necessarily because they're investigating anything. Hard to prove, but definitely plausible and fiendishly crooked if you ask me. 
You may be wondering about the legality of such a move, but from what I've been hearing, this has happened to several other people (see sources below). Notch was going to use this money to start up his own game company, and that's now in jeopardy. This is a real bummer, because Notch is clearly a talented, creative designer who has listened to his fans and adapted his game to meet their expectations from the game's inception. He also seems like an extremely nice guy. : / 
I'd recommend anyone reading this who cares about Notch or Minecraft to drop by his blog and let him know you support him. If Paypal decides to keep the money, we should use the power of the interwebs to let them know what we think of this. 
The Word of Notch  - Crying Over Paypal
SF Bay Guardian - Paypal holds tens of thousands of dollars from Burning Man festival organizers 
Paypal Sucks
Website dedicated to exposing Paypal - this is the "horror stories" section of the forum
You can also just do a google search on "Paypal steals" or "Paypal keeps money" and you'll notice several listings covering just that. 

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It's great, but calling it the greatest game ever is a bit of a stretch. It's doing some clever things, and doing them well, but not really innovating. It's not sparking any new genres or reigniting any old ones. A few of the levels are fairly forgettable, and I would love to be able to skip the "story" text. Above all else, the game hasn't been out nearly long enough to step away from it for a while and really compare its worthiness to the history of gaming in order to make an informed opinion like that. 
All that said, its still a fantastic game.

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@TadThuggish said:
" @nail1080:   That's true.  I find marijuana and the inherent use of it a douche-move, but even users themselves can't be belittled for it.  We all have our vices.  In most cases, however, people will look at their cigarette or alcohol intake or sexual addiction or whatever other vice and say "Yeah, that is a bad thing, I should stop."  When someone brings up pot as a negative thing, you have hundreds of stoners going "WELL I NEVER, DID YOU KNOW THAT NO ONE HAS DIED, MORE SAFE THAN PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION, CHILL OUT BRO".  It happens every time.  No one admits that they could be wrong.  That's an example of societal addiction; there was an episode about South Park about it not too long ago.  If weed were made legal and available there would be significantly less pot-users in the world.  Because of its unavailability it has a "bad boy" status, and that is the majority of the reason why people enjoy it and defend it. "
I have to respond to this also. 
We only defend the fact that no one has died, because its so commonly claimed that people HAVE died. We're trying to get falsities like this out of peoples' heads because its not true and it makes us look bad for unjust reasons. While we have sound arguments, we're being thrown counter-arguments with no proof and sometimes more of just an insult than an actual intelligent response. If you want to talk about societal addiction, some of the anti-pot people in here should take a look in the mirror and see who's really in denial.
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" Did you know that whenever someone says "I don't think weed is a particularly good thing," every single person who smokes pot frequently feels it as a personal attack and has to refute every comment without ever really proving one?  Marijuana doesn't have an addictive like nicotine, but it does have societal addiction wrapped around it.  The topic creator is just proving that point. "

The problem is that most of the anti-pot people in here aren't saying anything with civility. They're calling us douchebags, not stating that it's not "a particularly good thing". I'd call it an attack. A few people apparently can't be bothered to come up with their own ideas or thoughts either, so they're quoting previous posts and not adding anything to the conversation. 
If people don't smoke pot, that's great. We have no problem with their abstinence. What we have a problem with is condescending and ignorant remarks without any substance or proof to back up their claims.

Are pot-smokers douchebags? Sure. Are non-smokers douchebags? Absolutely! There's plenty of douchebags in this world of all races, creeds, nationalities, persuasions and preferences. A personality is not solely made by what a person ingests or inhales.

People can say pot causes brain damage and kills, but the fact of the matter is that neither of these things are true. If the nay-sayers would take just a few minutes to do some simple research instead of blindly listening to what the government has been telling them for their whole life, they would learn there has never been a single case of an overdose nor any proof to show that it causes brain damage. There's a good bit of history involved in the original prohibition of marijuana and a lot of is rooted in racism and desire to eliminate hemp (which is not marijuana and not a drug) as a competing product, not any valid scientific evidence. If anyone is interested in researching, read up on Harry J. Anslinger, the guy primarily responsible for all of this.

As for those who have had friends turn into lazy slobs from pot use, perhaps the problem is with your friend and not the drug. Plenty of us are responsible, intelligent users who hold jobs and have families. We can balance this into our lives for the same reason every person who drinks is not an alcoholic; we practice moderation.

Most of us are not high and mighty users. We just want the freedom to use this harmless, natural plant without the government throwing us in prison for something that's harming no one and without uninformed insults being thrown at us by people who don't understand or just don't *want* to understand.
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@CitizenKane said:

" Nothing out of the ordinary because I don't do drugs. "

 Jump off your high horse, Orson.
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Two Worlds: hands down one of the worst games I've ever purchased. 

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I'm primarily a singer and use an Audix mic plugged into a TC-Helicon vocal effect box that can be used for anything from simple reverb to transducer, delay, or other effects that go well with our music. I also have a semi-hollow Ibanez electric guitar, an Alvarez-Yairi acoustic, a Moog theremin, a Pearl drumset, and a lot of random percussion instruments like woodblocks, shakers, various latin percussive thingamabobs. Sorry for the lack of model numbers... most of this stuff is up at our practice room and I can't be bothered to look it all up. : )