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I love the whole Medieval setting more then Fallouts Post-Apocalyptic story.  Oblivion is full of magic, crazy lore and different races that make the story so much deeper. I also find it more satisfying to launch a fireball at an enemy and then hack them to pieces.   

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Dragon Age Origins is a fantastic game and you should really play it first since both stories timelines overlap and some decisions you make will carry over.  DAO plays differently than DA2, DAO is more strategic and plays alot like the KOTOR series.

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First off both Bad Company games were great in terms of SP and Mp.  Also Bad Company 1&2 kept the Battlefield name current and in our minds and also introduced the Battlefield type of gameplay (on a smaller scale) to a bunch of new gamers.  So I can't see how anyone can feel that Bad Company could of harmed the Development of BF3 or the series

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I got a hot pro tip for the OP...Use more skill and don't die!

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I've been using a Kingston 16 GB USB Drive for about 6 months and haven't had a problem yet.  I purchased one off of Amazon for about $25-$30.

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Test Drive Unlimited 2 is so far the #1 contender for Quick Look of the Year!

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@Hizang said:
" Nothing is going to beat Black Ops, so why try, just concentrate on a better Single player experince "
Wow..I don't even know how to respond to that statement...I can only hope that your being sarcastic.
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I picked it up during a holiday sale for $10 and that seemed like the right price for the game.  The games pretty short and very repetitive, so repetitive that by the end of the six hour campaign I was wishing that it was about 2 hours shorter.  Anyway for $5 you might as well check it out.

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