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I watched last weeks TnT archive on the site for free a couple of days ago, so you guys are in fact taking away free content that was made available to all and placing it behind a paid membership screen. 
Whatever.... I'll just watch it on Justin.tv

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I suggest reading this book...

His chapter about Punching Dudes in the face is amazing!
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I really enjoyed the witch hunt.  Maybe it was because my Warden was romantically involved with Morrigan and fathered a demon/god child with her, that I was attached to the story more.  I also found it satisfying that my Warden entered that mirror thing with her and ventured into the great unknown.

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NFL 2K2 was one of the best football games ever made. Hopefully after the year EA will lose its exclusive rights to the NFL and SEGA will be able to start making football games again.

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I'm not much of a fear fan but this looks pretty good.

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Hopefully after completing the Sesame Street game, Double Fine will use what they learned to create one of their style/brand of games for the Kinect.

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Costumes look cool but paying $5 for an alternate appearance is kind of lame.  I' ll probably wait until December to pick this game up when  Capcom release SUPER Marvel vs. Capcom 3 which will feature all the DLC characters and alternate attires.  

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Shadow of the Colossus or maybe Donkey Kong...that god dam Mario is always c-blocking  DKs game with Pauline

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I'll be playing "hot coffee" with my girlfriend

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Why not, Conker does have Balls of Stee....Wait a minute I mean Balls of Brass