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After finishing this quest I decided to pay another visit to Billy and his wife.  I was so excited to have some tea and pie with them, that I ran into the cabin with great speed causing Billys wifes head to pop off.  Billy then went into a hilarious shock pose/animation...I couldn't stop laughing. 
If you guys finish this quest make sure you go back and visit Billy to see for yourself.

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I learned that if I ever get seriously injured my vision will change to seeing red or black/white and in order to heal all I have to do is hide behind a corner or box for a couple of seconds. 
So, what have video games taught you guys?

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 Seriously, why do games rarely feature epic final boss battles anymore?  
 I just finished playing The Saboteur and it has a boss battle on par with Fabel 2. 
Final Boss battles always gave me a sense of completion and a feeling of overcoming extraordinary odds.
Does anyone else feel the same way and what are some games you guys played with disappointing boss battles?

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Here are My Choices; What's Yours?

 Atari 2600- Keystone Kapers 
Commadore 64- Winter Games
NES- Super Mario Bros.3
Genesis-Toe Jam & Earl
Sega Cd -Sonic CD
SNES- Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past
Gameboy-Super Mario Land
Sega GameGear- Sonic Drift 2
PC- Counter Strike
Playstation-Metal Gear Solid
N64- Mario Kart 64
PS2- GTA Vice City
DreamCast- Powerstone 2
Wii-No More Heroes
DS- New Super Mario Bros
Xbox 360- Dragon Age Origins/Awakening    

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I was at a BBQ earlier, upon my arrival my buddy was on the grill and asked what would I have.  My response, naturally was a "Durger".  My buddy gave me a puzzling look so I took two hot dogs which I cut down the middle and placed them between a hamburger bun with mustard and sauerkraut.  
So I was wondering if anyone else is eating Durgers and how do you construct yours?

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It's a toss up for me between Dragon Age (over 90 hrs) and Borderlands (3 lvl. 61 plays). Both games have great game play and DLC that keep me coming back for more.  So what games have spent the most time in your console?