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This is easily the scariest game I've played this gen. Scarier than Amnesia, Cry of Fear, etc. Slender: The Eight Pages may have been an overly simple game that earned a bad reputation from Youtube screamers, but this game is legit. I'll likely do a full review for it upon completion, but suffice to say anyone who enjoys a legitimately unsettling game with a lot of tension needs to play this game. It's well made, it's beautiful, it encourages a lot of replay, and it's far more than a one trick pony. It's a short game, but $10 is hardly a large price to pay for this experience.

The 4th level of the game really really upset me. You're running through a house trying to lock all the windows and doors as the Slender Man watches and draws closer from the outside. Anyone with fears of home invasion will really have trouble with this part.

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Brb guys, gonna go club my taffer, if you know what I mean.

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Baked crispy chicken? Baked, Mr. Scanlon? As a boy of Southern descent, I am personally offended at your brazen evasion of fried chicken and all the health issues it causes. How dare you, sir. How dare you.

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I played the last 4 missions or so with this mod. It definitely doesn't break the game. All it does is balance the detection system. People with matching disguises will no longer spot you halfway across a giant room. It makes it so you don't have to spam instinct anytime you want to blend in. You'll still get detected if you do suspicious things, and you still can't get right in a guard's face or he will notice you and your cover will be blown. It makes it play more like a Hitman game. Disguises actually work now. I highly suggest anyone with the PC version giving it a shot.