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I think they looked great in 1940.

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Bummer about the site hopefully guys will get into new roles soon! But how will we MP @jeff for Jar questions now!

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Guys play video games, Girls play video games. Giant Bomb is a sausage fest just like the staff!!! (jk) also I'm male.

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I installed Titan Fall from disc and then got the digital version free from a give away, the game converted to digital with no issues.

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I really got into Mercenary it such an amazing game for the time. Also Elite frontier was pretty damn good too. Notable mention goes to Zarch for being the hardest game to control.

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Maybe a face cam in the videos for GBeast would bring something else to the mix.

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Via ouija board but while he was alive I'd say it. It wasn't an issue.

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Direct Link to Twtich;


GS link (Seems to be working again);


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Great job electrickumquat now let’s hope they can all play nice next time.

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