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People that don't have pet's don't fully understand how deviating this can be, lost my cat's some time ago (all in their 20's). It suck balls, but it does get better. R.I.P Buddy.

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Really looking forward to getting a Wii U but will have to wait until awhile as I've got £100 in Game shares but I can’t cash them in until October but I’m already buying games…

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I just created a free account and going back after about 5 years it's just weird as to how much I remember. Looking forward to the rest of the videos Dan will post.

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Xbox One codes (global);



All gone!


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USA codes;






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It really comes down to just plain looks sometimes I just don’t like the male look. In Destiny my Titan will be male, Warlock will be male too but I’ll be going female for my Hunter as I think the cloak looks better on the female design.

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The DOTA2 / MOBA community just seems horrendous, true or false that just stops me from having any type of interest in this at all.

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I wonder if they will be doing a Destiny version of the Xone and PS4 controllers (not including the white version). I went for the PS4 ghost edition.

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GB needs hugs