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I'd be much obliged if one of you kind duders would send an invite to Lanigiro. Thanks!

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I don't even have words for this. I'm so sorry, you guys. Ryan seemed like a great guy and was definitely way too young. The world is a lesser place without him.

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My condolences, Patrick. I just went to a friend's dad's funeral not too long ago. He was too young, and although it was pretty small consolation, at least with cancer, you had time to steel yourself for the inevitable. I can't even imagine what it must be like for you right now. Stay strong, and when that fails, don't be afraid to lean on the folks who are there for you. You've done great things here on Giantbomb, but right now this is way more important. We all look forward to having you back at 100% in due time.

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The glasses on the robot are really the icing on the cake. Well done, sir. Well done.

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I doubt you'll read this amongst the sea of comments this thread has gotten, but don't sweat it. You clearly instantly realized how awful and inappropriate what you said was, and even when the others were trying to joke it off, you were adamant that it was a big deal and clearly remorseful. Add this public, unprovoked apology to that, and you've got my respect.

Everyone fucks up. I know I've said things in the moment that I've instantly regret. I'm just glad I only ever had to apologize to one or two people and not the whole internet. When so many people use language like this every day without giving it a second thought, I'm glad to see a prominent figure in the community speak out against it. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go turn my 360 on and see who's been fucking my mother lately.

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Boy I dunno how the other areas are yet, but the Charr starting zone is atrocious. Just finished 100% exploring the starting zone, dying way more often than I would've liked, and I'm still 2 levels below the lowest quests in the next zone, which basically means there's no way in hell I can do them. Fantastic. Also, my reward for 100%ing the zone? 5 onions and two pieces of armor for a different class. One of my story quests had me fighting a mob whose health regenerated almost as fast as I could take it down. On top of that my NPC buddies would occasionally just stop attacking. Took me a full 15 minutes to kill that one mob. It's hard to know if I'm missing some nuance about the combat because there is zero tutorial in place at the moment, and it seems the tiniest mistakes get severely punished (when I first started I would often just give up on melee and run around reviving casters in a big group because I'd last less than a second against the scaled up mobs).

On the bright side, though the balance is a long way from tuned in, the quests themselves are pretty well structured. Ultimately it's your standard MMO fare, just dressed up a little differently. But it's a nice change. Crafting seems really deep though again at the start it's too complicated. That's not to say you can't figure it out, but from the get go you have a screen full of recipes. Just give me a handful to start and ease me into it, introducing a new ingredient or two at a time. As it stands I have no clue what to sell and what to salvage. Actually that seems to sum up my problems with the beta so far pretty well. There's too much just dropping you in the deep end. Hopefully they'll tune some of these systems to a more reasonable curve over the course of the beta. At the very least it'd be nice to be able to play a warrior and not be afraid to run up and hit things.

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Part of the reason this is done, especially in a game where PvP is a thing, is that it's important for players to be able to look at opponents and quickly identify, at least roughly, what they're up against. Maybe you can't tell immediately what kind of caster your opponent is, but you know to approach them a certain way versus say a heavy melee class, where upon seeing all that heavy plate you might want to focus on keeping your distance and mitigate damage that way, especially if you're squishy yourself. If anyone can wear anything, the only way you know what you're up against is by getting attacked. Now you could allow anyone to wear anything in PvE and restrict them in PvP, but that's a whole lot of extra work for not a lot of gain (and will also probably end up pissing people off, because really what doesn't?).

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Countdown to posts that say "But he didn't say there wasn't ALSO gas in the bottle!" starts...now!

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A10 Sounds like a weird remastering of the forest theme from Chrono Trigger...or some song from that game.

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I'm still subscribed...I've got some old WoW friends that play occasionally, but there's currently not much to do at level 50 if you're not part of a big enough guild to do end game content. The Empire on my server farmed all the best PvP gear through means I myself haven't taken the time to figure out, so PvP is basically unplayable since I do no damage to most of them (only a slight exaggeration) and they kill me in 3 or 4 hits. With no real LFG system, I just don't have the patience to sit in the fleet spamming general chat to find groups.

I recently realized that I apparently forgot to unsubscribe from WoW since the last time I "quit" (which is doubly weird considering I don't recall it ever showing up on my credit card statement in the past few months). So I installed it and booted it up about a week ago, and since have spent about 10x as much time in WoW as in SWTOR. It's just so much easier to hop on, queue for a dungeon run one or two, hop off for the night and feel like I've made some sort of progress. Even if I don't get any drops, I've got badges that I can save towards buying loot in town that's much better than the stuff I've got.

Granted, these are all systems that WoW developed long after its initial release, and maybe SWTOR will get there eventually, but for now it's a huge advantage. That kind of easily accessed, bite-sized content is just plain fun, and SWTOR has it, but it's just a lot harder to get to at the moment.