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So is this like a 12 steps course for recovering alcoholics - but in reverse and with video games instead of booze?

No its more so an alcoholic who decides to start a brewery to keep him busy so he wont drink

Yeah that sounds more like it...though I'm currently unemployed, so I guess it's more like a hobo making bathtub gin for his own consumption.

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Hey folks, I've started a blog about my experiences with Code Year over at blogspot, but in the interest of having people maybe actually read it, I'll be posting it here as well. Since I've got no real prior experience with coding, this should be fun. Anyway, without further ado:

I'm a nerd. I've long known this fact, and don't really try to hide it. Hell, when I was in high school I ate lunch in the Latin room with other kids from my Latin class. I was clearly already beyond all hope even then. So it may come as no big surprise that I really like video games...always have. I remember our family getting an NES and spending way too much time with it. For the longest time, as far as I was concerned, that Mario/Duck Hunt cart could have been soldered into the damn system and I would have been perfectly fine; but there's only so much of your life you can lose to trying to shoot that snarky dog every time you miss a duck.

Then I discovered Final Fantasy. I don't even want to know how many hours I sank into that game. The numbers. I think it was the numbers. Keeping track of all those stats, watching damage numbers fly by with message speed turned up to the max, leveling up, class changes, it was as if someone had wired directly into my brain's reward system. That's probably what got the snowball rolling. After that I was always looking for something new to play.

There was even a time when I thought I would program games. I was always good at math and a relatively logical person. I dabbled in programming on my TI-83, but once a classmate taught me how to crash it, that's basically all I ever did. So I never got around to learning to program, maybe because where I went to school growing up Keyboarding was about as high tech as we got. Also, I've always been terrible at self-motivating, and playing video games was, for 15 year old me, infinitely more exciting than learning how for-loops work.

But it's a new year, I'm a responsible adult I guess, and resolutions and blah blah blah. Usually I don't even bother, but this year I heard about Codecademy and the whole Code Year initiative. "That's really neat," I thought. "I can totally do that. Besides, it'll look good on a resume right?" So I started dabbling in the first few lessons up on the site, and that's when it hit me:

"Oh man! I could write a program that calculates my students' grades and automatically drops the specified number of lowest assignments!" I spent a good 10 or 20 minutes being genuinely excited about this prospect before this next epiphany:

"Shit I'm old...and boring..."

So screw that (for now), I have a new resolution. I'm doing Code Year and by the end I will have made my own game. Sure it'll be small, probably without art or sound design, just some kind of text based game; but hey, it'll be mine. Going from essentially no experience to something I can get other people to admit is a game, regardless of its quality, should be totally doable...right? So I guess that's what this blog will be about...mostly. I also reserve the right to make posts about just whatever the hell appeals to me at the time, but I'll do my best to keep it interesting and not stray too far.

Blog (with fancy pictures) also available here.

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Sandusky...just throwing that name out there. If you're going to talk shit about the Penn State sex abuse scandal, you might as well have the name of the guy actually accused of child sexual abuse in the thread somewhere.

Also, he's totally not dead yet, but he is in serious condition.

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Many of those spelling changes you reference were proposed by Noah Webster. People thought they made sense, so they adopted them. There have been very few successful attempts to reform the English spelling system (which is atrocious) on either side of the pond, but Webster, for whatever reason, was successful at least in those few areas.

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Don't forget: "We’re also planning on rolling out support for 4-Gigabyte Tuning (Large Address Aware) next week for our PC users. Stay tuned!"

Been using a 3rd party eggzecutable for that and it's helped a lot with weird texture issues and cut down drastically on CTDs.

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You're doing God's work. Keep it up, good sir.

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Really? I've just beat him on NG+ and never knew you could just kill his minions...Black Knight Greatsword +5 (and 50 str for Havel's Shield) makes reasonably quick work of almost everything even in NG+. That plus Great Magic Shield...that spell is the jam.

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How the hell did Chrono Trigger not make the first page? For shame:

Edit: Oh and...

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Racial Epithet

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Wait...did it really take Razer this long to develop a product called the Razer Blade? I'm not sure what to even make of that...