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That booth girl was just as stereotypical in her own way. Also, of course there are sterotypical nerds there, but they are not all like that. Go do any convention with 100k people and you can easily find a dozen really strange people to interview, but there are at least 10 regular dudes for every such strange dude.

That girl who she thought was into fantasy called herself an ego-shooter. What the hell is an ego-shooter? Some german genre?

Ego-shooter = First Person Shooter

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Ugh, I wish the PM interface would just post directly to the thread...I'm too lazy to click a whole one extra button.

@CaLe: I guess you could see it that way. The fact of the matter is that it has a substantial negative impact on how the industry and its consumer base are perceived by the general public, and that's no good. And I'm by no means telling people not to do it...free country and all that jazz. Just don't be surprised when people look negatively at it. Name one other situation (outside Halloween) where it's socially acceptable to do that sort of thing.

@Butler: Yeah that's not what you meant :p

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Less than 20 posts for Godwin's Law to come into effect. Although, I guess this post had a head start since it already started in Germany.

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I would suggest that the booth girl's interview is actually pretty relevant. It's fucking embarrassing that booth girls exist, and if it takes being shamed in mainstream media for kids to quit taking pictures with them, so be it.

Also this. If you see women so rarely that a booth babe is novel enough to warrant a photo-op...you need to reevaluate some things.

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Edit: Also this is basically the equivalent of a German Entertainment Tonight or something of that caliber...hardly real news.

That might be true, but it's also Germanys biggest station.

True, and I'm not saying it's an excuse, but this is definitely more a lowest common denominator type program than hard-hitting news. Hell, even DW-TV's generally much better than that segment, and they do a lot of fluffy culture pieces.

Also, back to the more general topic...I like video games a lot...like a real lot, but I don't dress up and run out in public as a fantasy character (nor do I do it in private) to show people that I love games because I'm no longer 10 and if it's not Halloween, that's just fucking weird. Don't be surprised if other people who don't understand video games also think it's weird. I could go on a whole diatribe about societal norms and blah blah blah, but suffice to say...just enjoy the games and be normal. That's the best thing you can do for the hobby...all this cosplay shit makes it hard as hell to explain my consoles to any ladies I might bring home now that I'm in my mid 20s. I like games the same way my brothers-in-law like sports. They don't feel the need to walk around dressed like their favorite quarterbacks, and I don't feel the need to dress like Wander.

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I'm not sure if I misunderstood you, but don't assume that all Germans are "perfectly fine" with Oktoberfest. There are plenty of Germans who wouldn't dream of going to Oktoberfest because they look down on it as at the very least tacky, if not base, classless and bad for Germany's image.

Edit: Also this is basically the equivalent of a German Entertainment Tonight or something of that caliber...hardly real news.

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1) Obligatory "I hate you for getting into the beta"

2) Yeah...MMO + Fully Voiced...well...everything basically = lots and lots of space. They'd be absolutely crazy not to let you preload, especially for an MMO. It's not like you can really do anything with it until the servers are up anyway. That said, preordered mine on Amazon so that I'll be able to download the client for early access and have the discs around should I ever need a quicker reinstall.

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get a wiskey media membership

This : D



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I want seven copies.

Edit: Bah...too slow. One day...one day...Also this does look like a legitimately neat thing for the kids. Pretty cute stuff.