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If you move your pointer off of the user's avatar, but keep it over the pop-up, when you then move it off of the pop-up, it doesn't go away.  However, if you move your pointer directly off of the subscriber's avatar to any other blank space on the page, then it will properly fade away.  
Seems like the pop-up actually prevents your browser from detecting whether or not you're still mousing over the avatar.

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Playthrough 2.5...might as well get the best possible loot out of them, General Knoxx especially. 

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Breath of Fire I and II were two of my favorite RPGs growing up (right up there with Chrono Trigger, Lufia 2 and FFI, IV and VI), despite the fact that there may have been RPGs that were better games...none of them let you turn into a giant fucking dragon and waste fools.  Dragon Quarter was pretty neat too, if a little impenetrable at first glance.  It was very rewarding once you got the hang of some pretty unusual mechanics (I'm looking at you SOL system). 

Not exactly getting my hopes up for a new BoF game, much less a good, new BoF game, even with all this...but if it happened, I'd preorder the shit out of that game.

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AC: Brotherhood
Starcraft 2
Dawn of War 2
Civ5 + something else entertaining (a guest...Jenga...Cool Baby's Standup Special)...watching Civ5 is like going to a baseball game...you need something else to entertain you a good 80% of the time until some one hits a pop fly or sacks Rome.

...wow, it's really hard to come up with compelling multiplayer that's not either 2 player campaign co-op, or some kind of shooter. 

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As a language instructor at the college level, I can tell you that this is the wrong way to go.  Having others do your homework constitutes plagiarism and is enough to get you permanently expelled from any respectable university.  You'd be much better off to be honest with your instructor even if it means you don't have your homework done on time.

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I had pretty bad acne as a teenager.  Tried lots of different solutions (persciption and non-) before my Dermatologist finally got me on Accutane.   It sucks having crazy dry skin for the couple months that your on it...you'll go through chapstick like nobody's business (seriously, Always Be Chapsticking when you're on Accutane); but it already sucked to have acne, so it just felt like trading one sucky skin condition for another for a while.  Since then, I can probably count the number of pimples I've gotten on one hand and I'm in my late 20s.  I'd say for me it was absolutely worth it, and really the worst part was getting blood drawn every month just because I hate needles.  
In the end it's really an individual thing that your doctor should help you decide on.  Severe acne runs in my family.  I've got multiple aunts and uncles with severe scarring from when they had acne as kids, and I didn't want to end up looking like Edward James Olmos.

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@Noodles said:
" @tunaburn said:

" @Juvenfly: but his 200 unit army would rape a 200 unit zerg army "

Yeah, and then if you actually know how to macro you remax within the next minute or two tech switching to Broodlords/Ultralisks. Are we even playing the same game?  Also, infestor micro says hi. "
This.  You need to be saving up larvae the whole game and spreading your creep like crazy.  Zerg has the least cost effective units of any of the three races, but hey can also re-max their army in situations like this essentially instantly.  Whittle down as much of his max army as you can, and while your stuff is dying, be queueing up more units...he'll either head to your base to try to kill you, only to see another 200 food army coming at him, or he'll go home, in which case you can go for the kill.
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Don't attack into a turtling Terran unless you see an obvious opening.  Just take over the map and get a ridiculous economy and production advantage while scouting to see what exactly he's building.  Harass, counter, rinse, repeat.  If you're having trouble against a particular race/build it might not be imbalanced, you might just not be countering it right.

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That is effed up.  Too bad Twisted Pixel is too small to take a monster like Capcom to court and win...even when it's that blatant.