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Whats the next MMO coming out that GB can play?

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Sdodd412   If you aren't doing the Hard Modes of raids, and say WoW is too easy. You are the noob casual.   Hard Modes are what Vanilla raiding was. But now they have an easy mode, so everyone can see the well designed raid. If you played in Vanilla, "When it was good" , you should be doing Hard Modes of raids. They are the same as new content from Vanilla. I played in Vanilla, and only do hard modes from the last patch. So i can never say WoW is too easy, since i am not doing the hard part.  Saying WoW is too easy, without having ever done a hard mode is like saying "Mass Effect is too easy, i played it on easy mode and blew through it.". Either stop QQ'ing, or grow a pair and play "On Hard Mode", then call it too easy when your Ensidia. "
I guess I agree with you in that respect. I would also add that Grull's and Mags were not particularly hard instances to run as well. It is true though that WoW has lost its appeal to me through the use of their constant gear resets after every major patch. In the past two iterations of WoW, both vanilla and BC you had to push your ass to see the final instance. This time round they made it something that everyone will see. Its given now rather then earned, which it shouldn't be.
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looks like its a daft punk game with those robots lol.

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" @Napalm said:
" We have enough of these already, thanks. "
I agree, I'm tired of seeing this story pop up. "
me to. also why did he call it  COD4:MW2 its not COD 4 "
I'm wondering the same thing. I'm a big time PC player but if you really have a problem with MW2 then just don't play the damn thing. Get over it, I did and I got the 360 version and I'm happy with that. Activision will make so much money off this game that they are hardly going to bother listening to the minority. MW2 is a game meant for the main stream not a niche crowed of PC modders. There are other games for that sort of player. 
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Im thinking that WAR will be a good game standing by itself but with the amount of fanasy based MMO's out there, one being WoW, which like it or not totally ownes every other MMO because of it popularity and financial success, I find it hard to see WAR grab enough of a market share to establish itself well enough for long-term success. They look like they have some good things planned but its still way too similar to things that are already avalible. The MMO genre need something new and fresh if they want to gain any kind of dominance.

But hey, that's just my oppinion.

Oh and btw, about that WOTLK being a scam because of death nights post... you cant actually create a DK steight away. In fact you have to have a character that is over 55 to have the ability to make one so if you are a new player you still have to play the old game. Personally I hate the idea of the DK, its not a real hero class at all atm. But its only beta so things could change. I still think that WOTLK will provide enough to keep people playing WoW over other games like WAR.

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my first real big game was Red Alert. Im not really a RTS fan per say but i loved it! also games like Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2, quake 2 and maybe older games like Commander Keen when i was a kid.