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@clidus: Thanks for the tip. It's frustrating that this happened. Have you noticed a big difference in search results using this other method?

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Killzone, AC4 and Resogun

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The concept of viable but difficult space expansion and exploration with Earth as a hub is actually pretty interesting. The feeling of space exploration is something that I really enjoyed about the first ME, that the other two didn't have nearly as much. One of the disheartening things about the ending to ME3 was the feeling that not only is Shepards story over, but more importantly that the ME universe was fundamentally changed in a way that ruined what was interesting about it.

Personally, I would veto the prequel idea, because they will add some silly story line where secretly the crucible was known about much earlier. Also, much higher chance of this story being a yawn and it doesn't fit into the Bioware framework of allowing the player to choose the destiny of other races and people as they are already predetermined.

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@Pezen: Sorry, I should have been more clear. Yes, eating food is the normal response to feeling hungry, but that isn't to say I didn't have a choice of what I ended up eating. For example, some people would say it is wrong for someone to respond to their hunger by eating meat. So I suppose the point is that the choice is in how you respond to the feeling.

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@Omega: ha I concede, Michael Jackson argument trumps my argument

@Pezen: @Junkerman: Sure I agree, it's not a choice to have a feeling. I feel hungry sometimes but what I CHOOSE to do about it is where many people take issue.

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@3reach said:

I love it when someone says " I don't like gay people", or " being gay is wrong" That is pure bigotry and bullshit. It is the same as saying " I don't like black people". You are a fucking ignorant asshole if you think this way. that is all.

Saying "I don't like gay people" and saying "being gay is wrong" are two very different claims. I don't like the Call of Duty series but that doesn't mean I think that it is "wrong" for someone to play the game.

Deciding to not filter out that distinction is problematic. I view a gay person as making a choice that they don't have to make. Like any choice in life it is influenced by life experiences and internal desires.

I view a black or a white person as a person that never had the choice. This is why I think the argument of a direct correlation between racial discrimination and gay rights isn't completely coherent. The issue of someone being discriminated against is similar (and wrong no matter what) but difference of choice is an important distinction between the two issues.

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If someone does have excess invites I would totally be up for checking it out as well!

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here is another code:


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I have been developing a website with the idea that I would combine user feedback, public facebook data and public twitter data to create a score that would quickly display the general excitement for games that are coming out soon. The website is called  hypinion.com. Games enthusiasts (like myself!) tend to spend a lot of time discussing and thinking about upcoming games and I think hypinion adds to that discussion.     
An intentional design choice was to make the scoring and visual representation of the score similar to another popular score aggregation site, however hypinion is not designed to be another "me too". I am not interpreting review text and scores, instead hypinon is primarily tracking numbers, trends and direct feedback to quantify the public perception of a game.     
I would love constructive feedback and thoughts about what the site!    

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Awesome! I was hoping someone would get the ball rolling. I will check it out