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@theps2collector: Thanks for reporting the bug. I will DM you to get a fix ASAP.

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I know most of us are gathering materials to make it closer to the center of the galaxy right now, but maybe in between space trucking & pirating everyone would be willing to take a look at the most recent changes we have made at Lifebar!

The most recent update represent changes that will be a spring board to the future of Lifebar. We now have a proper onboarding process when you first sign up to help you get started. This helps us personalize the Discover area of Lifebar so you will see more things that will pique your interest. You will get suggested videos (quick looks!), games that are trending, new releases, suggestions for interesting game collections that others are building and more.

The personalization of Discover is a big improvement, but the thing I am most excited about with this update is the addition of what we are calling "Reflection Points". Previously, the only way to add information about your experience with a game was by giving the game a tier and writing a short twitter length summary of what you think about it. Now, with Reflection Points we are asking specific questions about a game that I think will be interesting for your own personal use, but also let you compare to other users across the Lifebar community. To start, the Discover area will have a daily reflection point for the community to rally around. Once we have more reflection points they will be surfaced in the game pages themselves. Here is a preview of some of the Reflection Points coming soon:



Overall, it's another step to make Lifebar the best place to save and share your time with our favorite hobby. As always, we would love to hear your feedback!

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I recently played Sparkour at 2D-Con a few weeks ago and had a great time. Overall, pretty impressed by how well they captured the movement and look of Mirrors Edge. Anyone else give this a try on Steam?

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Inspite of what the GiantBomb crew says, E3 is awesome! While it may have to change to be relevant, having this kind of zeitgeist of news, anouncements and trailers is unrivaled all year long. I love it! With our latest updates on Lifebar we are hoping to capture what everyone is thinking about all the news. To do that we have done a few things:

  • We have built custom Collections on our Discover tab that will let you quickly enter your thoughts about all of the games that got announced at Sony's, Microsoft's, Ubisoft's, Bethesda's and EA's press conferences. Every game that was announced or shown are in those collections to help ensure you didn't miss anything.
  • We added a "Watch" tab to game porfolio's like Horizon:Zero Dawn and Prey that will higlight trailers and other video coverage so you can watch and enter your thoughts right away.
  • The activity feed will also link back to the trailers and content that other users have seen so you can quickly enter your thoughts that way too!

Brad recently mentioned that E3 is like Christmas for a lot of gamers and I couldn't agree more. It's fun and with these changes we are hoping your excitement (and disappointment) can be quickly captured on Lifebar and shared with others. We are in beta so please provide feedback if you think something is broken or simply could be better!

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@linkorius: thanks for reaching out us! If you think we need to add Wii style "Please take a break" message everyone now and then, we can accomodiate you :)

In regards to right click + new tab, that is great feedback. We have heard a few others request the option. The way I implemented it, it was strictly using javascript which doesn't really allow the browser to know what is going to happen when you click on it. We can certainly look into modifying it. Please let us know if there are other areas you think that kind of functionality would be helpful.

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@slag: Thank you for taking the time to write down your thoughts and provide some great feedback!

@rewphus and I have a lot to consider based on what you said. One of the core ideas we have for Lifebar is to provide interesting graphs and visualizations of your time playing games. Unfortunately, it's difficult to do without data, making it something harder to do earlier in development. Now that we have had a good influx of users and data, we are starting to design and build those things.

Glad you like that critics show up in Lifebar. I knew I wanted to do it from a very early stage of development, but wasn't sure if others would find as interesting as I did. So, good to hear you enjoy it.

Adding dozens of experiences at one time is time consuming and we certainly have gotten feedback that hitting the ground running is one of the biggest hurdles for people. We are exploring options to make that easier. I like your suggestion of grouping entries to streamline it (by franchise for example).

Thanks again for the kind words and giving us a shot!

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@mechakirby: Yeah, we originally had an owned option, but the way it was implemented didn't make much sense with how people were using it (or not, because it was buried and not easy to find). When you add a "Played" experience do you think the option to check "Owned" or "Rented" would work? Or are you looking to say you own a game without having played it?

@hatking: I will have to think about that. I think the overall response has been more flexibility when you fill out your XP details, but as you said, everyone has slightly different wishes for what would be a minimum. Thanks for your feedback, @rewphus and I will have to discuss what the best approach will be. If you have any other thoughts on the matter let me know!

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@cale: Thanks for the feedback and providing us with a clear direction. We will be looking into how we can simplify quickly adding games to your profile and adding the rest of the details later.

Would you simply want to pick the game and "Save for later" or would you want to do a little more with it before moving on? That question goes out to @shaunage@xymox@hatking and others who requested that kind of functionality.

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I am seeing the exact same thing. Started an hour or so ago. I am making the correct requests to the API, but am getting rejected. As @thefaxman says, we can add a user-agent but I think that would go against what you guys are trying to accomplish.

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@xymox @hatking

Good feedback! I agree, sometimes it can be hard to recall when you played a game 20+ years ago. @rewphus and I will take a look at what we can do about adding an option like "don't recall" so you can at least enter you experience when you aren't sure when you played it. We had decided to make when you played mandatory to start with because we will have some analytics driven by that kind of data. If the vast majority of your entries are missing a date then those graphs will probably be less valuable to you. At the very least, if you picked "Don't recall" we could flag those games so you could come back to those later and fill in the blanks. Do you think that would be a better workflow?