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already got a ps4 and planning to get wii u in next month or so. probably wont get an xbox till its around the £250 mark in the uk.

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@pepsiman: Must be fascinating to have that kind of insight into the japanese development scene

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I would prefer in watchdogs2 a greater emphasis in stealth and hacking, but there's always room for gunplay in stealth mechanics.

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Can't say I'm expecting too many surprises this e3 but still looking forward to it.

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@rorie: that would be a dream come true! Must be so satisfying! I build web applications for banks. Dull as f*ck

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Sick of hearing all the negative stories of videogames in the mainstream press.

Videogames have literally improved my life:

I was born partially sighted and many tasks are beyond my abilities. However Videogames has allowed me to play games with friends on the same level as them via multiplayer (which is impossible for most sports) and single player has allowed me to have experiences beyond my capabilities (even simple stuff like driving a car - now I know it's not anything like driving a real car but it gives me the fantasy of it).

Games have also improved my reactions, decision making and pattern recognition immensely which for a partially sighted person you rely on a huge amount

Without games my life would be a much more sedate and lonely place

Anyone else got positive stories regarding videogames?

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not out in the UK yet.. itching to read

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