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#1 Posted by kablui (52 posts) -

Only thing I do not like is the amount of additional enemies they throw at you based on mission type, sometimes it feels like cheap/bad attempts at balancing against stuff you could have.

First exalt mission, first turn, second of four soldiers moved, 6 exalts instantly appear in front of my squad and over the course of the next ~5 rounds a total of 8 more enemies spawned in (drop in -> overwatch).

I don't mind hard, but this (and some other instances - 4 crysalids, 6 zombies & 2 thinmen on screen in early game, when lasers have not been researched yet, for example) makes this actually feel more like one of those fixed-layout tactical puzzle solving games rather then a strategy game.

The missions I played thus far where about 50/50 "normal" experience/unbalanced clusterfuck. Going to continue even more carefully, but this is starting to feel just dumb, considering I am playing on "normal" and have sunk ~150 hrs into vanilla..

All the additions, maps, classes, gadgets and most mission types are great additions though, even if they do feel thrown in at strange intervals/clusters (more "things happend and now THIS" rather than "Through research we found ..") - I know that this is going to be an even greater game than vanilla - once I found a workaround for those kinds of situations.

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I like it so much that I want the next Oceans movie to be a video game

Huh. Neat idea, that specifically I'd actually be more than ok with.
Clooney popping up in a random video game, motioning "don't look at the man behind the curtain", though..

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Yes he is. Noticed that every single time he filled a moderating role around here

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@fredchuckdave: Well, the difference to me is that if that digital actor is not well known/famous I wouldn't/couldn't know them, so for me there would be no difference to a completely made-up character - so my immersion stays intact. Dafoe on the other hand is Dafoe first, and his in-game character second.

I can accept them swatting at the uncanny valley thing for another 10 years and I am in no way against digital acting or mocap or whatever, just that "here is your favorite movie star as an incentive to buy this game" approach.. somehow that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. PR grabbing by latching onto stardom, sales projections "With E. Page vs. without E. Page" and such..

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@misogynist_the_klown: Yes. Yessss, I see.. Judging by your avatar you have already walked down that particular cross-road a while without looking back :)

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The buttons are fine, even for bigger hands.

The overall design philosophy of "ergonomics that work for a brick will surely work for a handheld" is actually the issue you should specifically take a look (try) at, I think, when pondering whether or not to buy this. Have not yet figured out how to really use the shoulder buttons without loosing good grip or switching to something quite uncomfortable. Might just be me though.

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I'll wait for the Nvidia 800 series (somewhen Q1/'14) and then buy the 300-400 range card - I have a i5 2500k and I am not really worried about cpu power for at least another 18+ months - take a look at the battlefield 4 performance reviews for cpus for details.

And I'd say you'll have a better (or at least as good) long-term system for the same money then, than if you where to buy a PS4.

EDIT: Upgrading right now would be stupid, wait and see for a couple of game releases/reviews and price-wars for graphics cards in Q1 when NVidia releases.

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#8 Posted by kablui (52 posts) -

I like the early access thing, to me it's more or less like kickstarter, and the pro/con discussion feels very similar between the two.

People not being able to read the huge "this is alpha/beta == unfinished" message box do not impact the validity of this for me at all - if you buy shit with so little time investment beforehand that you don't realize what it is you are buying.. not really a thing to complain about to other people, its not that they maliciously hide the status of those games.

I'd rather get rid of the grave that is greenlight - or rather replace it with something working better for the devs, its a shame how may good games seem to starve during the greenlight process..

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#9 Posted by kablui (52 posts) -

This is so much better than it should be, well done! :)

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@angeln7: Its what you spend on it.

~110$ gets you a roku-like (size and functionality) box which also receives game-video from your actual gaming pc Steam Client and possibly has a wire(less) controller attached to IT (so that you don't need to run a controller cable to your main gaming pc, if you go for that connected setup)

also does xbmc, netflix and spotify, connects directly to your TV and is "invisible"

~ RealPC$ gets you all of the above + a Gaming PC (from Ztoac Box to bulky black mofo of a machine) that just is not running windows, but an OS that FEELS like a Console (tightly designed UI, no seams between apps, no "desktop"..."), but which you can expand like any other PC - open up, insert new graphics card, close, boot, continue gaming with more shinies.

Only caveat here at the moment is that there are few to no AAA's out for linux/SteamOS, but this seems to be on the roadmap, as they write "Watch for announcements in the coming weeks about all the AAA titles coming natively to SteamOS in 2014." on the SteamOS teaserpage.

Combine the two to your hearts content throughout your house.*

* Wired network or amazing wireless network** required for game streaming at high resolutions.

** Network equipment not part of packaging

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